The changing blues of Tahoe have to be seen to be believed!

©Wendy Hudnall
All rights reserved

The changing blues of Tahoe have to be seen to be believed!

©Wendy Hudnall
All rights reserved
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sweetpea72 July 18, 2014
I agree.. U have to see Tahoe in person to really appreciate it!! I love the fact I'm only an hour away!!
SnowbunnyPhotography October 16, 2014
Wow! Already on my bucket list. LOL! :-)

Behind The Lens

I'm from Los Angeles but consider myself a "part time" local of Lake Tahoe, which is where this image was taken. Kings Beach, California to be more precise.
The shot was captured just as the sun passed below the horizon at sunset.
Capturing the varying light here was a challenge as it is in a lot of sunset shots where you want to preserve detail in the brightest brights and darkest shadows. I took two exposures to compensate, one for the sky and one for the foreground.
Canon 5D Mk III, Canon 16-35 2.8L II, B+W Polarizing Filter, Really Right Stuff tripod & head, remote release.
I've always loved playing with contrasting textures in photographs. This is a favorite spot of mine year round with changing conditions every day and lake levels exposing the rocks in different ways. On this evening the storm moving eastward was breaking over the horizon, yet winds had subsided allowing the water to smooth. The reflection of light off of the glassy surface was striking but the subtle pattern of rocks beneath the surface in the shadows really caught me. There were so many lovely transitions here that drew me into the scene.
Lightroom adjustments for capture sharpening, lens correction, and basic adjustments. Photoshop used to mask the two exposures together, adjust the mid tones & highlights and sharpen for web. I also use luminosity channel selections to dodge and burn highlights and shadows.
In my camera bag
I'm a gadget girl at heart so my bag is always full. It makes me happy except when I'm climbing up that steep hill. This is another example of where I am trying to find balance in my life. I carry camera, various lenses (I'm a huge believer in renting lenses I don't own to fit whatever situation I will be in), Lee ND & grad filters (can't get enough long expo water shots), remote release, Hoodman loop, multiple flashlights, Pano head and nodal slide for panoramas, extra batteries & memory cards, extra lens cloths (I'm always loosing those) sunscreen & lip balm...small weatherproof speaker (I love music when I'm shooting but not headphones. I don't want that bear sneaking up on me.)
Work on refining your eye for detail. I think a lot of what makes a landscape image special is the little things. Small details can sometimes get lost when we are out shooting surrounded by a grand landscape. It can be overwhelming. So while it's certainly important to compose for the big picture, make sure you are getting the small stuff too. Those subtle textures in the shadows, the highlights bouncing off the curved edge of the ice, transitions of light in the distance...those are the things that i really loved about this image. Another tip would be to become a weather junkie. I'm constantly checking weather apps throughout the day, looking at maps to see where breaks in cloud cover may appear and at what time. In this case, it was a snowy, cloudy day throughout but the clouds broke at the perfect time. Checking the maps allowed me to pick a great vantage point to catch the show.

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