Yoga Session

Wonderful Yoga Shoot with an amazing individual.
Photography by @Leekovision.

Wonderful Yoga Shoot with an amazing individual.
Photography by @Leekovision.
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adavies PRO
adavies March 16, 2017
Very cool...just beautiful! If you haven't done so already, please consider joining my FREEZE! challenge:)
https:// viewbug.com/challenge/freeze-photo-challenge-by-adavies

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Behind The Lens

This photo was created at our studio in our wonderful city of Chicago.
We were able to capture this shot late at night around 12 midnight.
At a first glance and testing of the surroundings, we knew we wanted the main source of light to be directed from up above and only utilizing 1. We shut off all lights in the room and only used the strobe as our guide to capture a more natural form with shadows and highlights.
As simple as it gets, just a camera and 1 strobe light was all that was used to create this shot. Having a lot of equipment around tends to get in the way, so we kept it lite. Shot it with my Canon 60D and flash on a monopod held above my subject, no tripod, just the floor as my stabilizer.
Coming together with my model Kirdy, and having worked with her in the past I knew she was capable of doing very crazy flexible motions, just needed to catch it at a certain angle, we allowed each other to experiment several times before coming up with a final pose. Most of the times if not all, I tend to let the model be free as she wants and do anything they like in front of the camera with no direction at all, that's when the inner magic comes out and gets a chance to breathe. It was a freestyle session in which none of us knew what would happen, but glad it turned out well.
For the most part, the only post processing that took place was resizing and a bit of color balancing. We agreed on making an almost black and white image, instead went with a chromatic illusion leaning toward a dark blue and white. Everything else was natural.
In my camera bag
My bag holds my camera, several double A batteries for my flash, my keys, grinder, some snacks and my wallet.
My only advice I can ever give for something like this, would be to let your subject/model be free, feel free, limitless, timeless, no rushing, no pressure, no rules. It's only then that I've seen some of the best break out and want to create more and express themselves fully, revealing their true spiritual essence and allowing it to manifest right in front of you, only to be able to capture it within a few frames.

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