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ZiggyIzalco January 22, 2015
this is extraordinary beautiful, the contrast is EX-ceptional. a true work of art, thanks for sharing this and the story and words behind it
pietnel August 10, 2017
Gorgeous love it

Skin and Bones

"Don't lose your soul as your eyes roll shut
Don't worry, it will be over

You know what's to come to not...
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"Don't lose your soul as your eyes roll shut
Don't worry, it will be over

You know what's to come to not accept this
Don't lose your soul, you must fight for each breath
Don't go quietly

My soul has flown and I am what is left
I am skin and bones"

Lyrics by David J. Roch

Here's something I've never done before: create an image intending for it to be black and white! But a few things combined and made me think about doing this self portrait in black and white. It would be a bit of a stretch for me and that's a good thing.

This image came to be through two sources. One was a way to help me deal with the grief I was still feeling. The other was this astonishingly beautiful solo by Ricky Ubeda for the show So You Think You Can Dance, and the gorgeous music and poetic lyrics by David J. Roch.

I can't quite verbalize what it is about this performance that moves me so much, which is part of why art exists; to give voice to that which we can't say. Though it brought so many tears out of me, there was a hopeful, soothing quality to it within the darkness. And since I can't tell you exactly how it makes me feel, the next best thing I could do was create a self portrait.

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