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rlinn3 July 02, 2014
Nicely done!
Mursadur_Rahman_Akash March 27, 2017


Certainly trying something new for me.
Go and like http:--www.facebook.com-oxytephoto for more!

Certainly trying something new for me.
Go and like http:--www.facebook.com-oxytephoto for more!
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Behind The Lens

We decided to try some Noir out, and visited a local tourist spot called Torre Abbey, in the heart of Torquay. It had the right balance of old and new so we did some experimentation to see what we could achieve.
It was taken sometime around midday - any time between 10 and 2pm, it would have been. It was cold, rainy and in February. But rain in pictures always gives it that extra edge, so no complaints this side.
In terms of lighting, I didn't have any equipment at the time, I was just working my old, trusty Nikon. So because of that, I'm a big fan of natural lighting... making it work for me, playing with shadows and seeing what the sun is doing, it's like an extra dimension to the whole photography game.
For this image, I literally just used my Nikon D200. No flash, no tripod. I'm a handheld girl for everything that isn't long exposure. My lens was what people call the nifty fifty. Nikon 50mm f/1.8. That camera and lens combo - I'm in love, it's my baby.
The only inspiration I have really, is that it's a different style to the stuff I usually shoot. Ry and I are pretty comfortable with each other, and we've worked together for a long time. She's signed to the agency I work with - Aesthetic Clarity Ltd, and she's very good at finding the specific look I want. So all I had to say was 'Noir', and she did the rest.
I did, yes. I like my black and white images to have a lot of contrast or I find them dull. I'm a fairly dramatic person so I guess that could have something to do with it. I'm not a photoshop artist, I can't really get to grips with it. I'm a lightroomer, and therefore Lightroom & I have come to an understanding. It does what I tell it, or I throw my computer at the wall.
In my camera bag
In my bag, I have my spare batteries, a lens pen and spare memory cards. I recently got a speed light and am looking to build up my collection. My dream camera is the D810 at the moment, so I want to get rich and buy one of those! My camera doesn't tend to be in my bag, I carry it on my shoulder as I never know when I'm going to see something awesome.
If you want to capture something like this, my advice is to be sure you're comfortable with the person you're working with, play with the contrast, lighting and shadows in lightroom, and watch movies like Sin City. Because you can get some seriously awesome work by just pushing your comfort zone a little.

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