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Carli November 29, 2012
nice shot :D
pixellimagery November 29, 2012
Thank you very much Carli, turned out to be worth the wait, as the beautiful brown cow got up close enough to be included :-))
Katielongfield November 29, 2012
LOVE this photo wonderful !!!!!
pixellimagery November 29, 2012
Katie, thank you so much, it was a fun day, for the couple and me :-) We noticed the beautiful brown cow approaching, so we waited to she if she would be brave enough to be included in the image - then she peered around them > bonus! Bride was a little nervous, but brown cow had them both laughing, as she sniffed his trouser legs and eventually boots - a real sweetie :-)
Dezi December 01, 2012
Great shot and I love how you have just the one brown cow just peeping round! Lovely composition too :)
pixellimagery December 01, 2012
Many many thanks, Dezi, it's one of my fave images from the day :-) All the other cows were just b/w, she was the only beautiful brown cow amongst them, and thankfully for us the friendliest - we just had to be a little patient and wait, which paid off :-))) Thank you for the peer recognition, very much appreciated :-D
raghoo December 04, 2012
Excellent work and a beautiful shot!
LouisaAnn January 14, 2013
Great capture! Love the one brown cow!
pixellimagery January 14, 2013
Thanks so much, LouisaAnn :-) ... we were all VERY pleased that she came up to investigate :-D
Mark7D January 16, 2013
great shot love it :)
pixellimagery January 16, 2013
Thanks so much, Mark :-) ... it's a personal fave of mine :-))
estercastillo08 February 21, 2013
Very nice scene ! Voted
pixellimagery February 21, 2013
Ester, you're a darling!!! :-)))) Thank you so much! xx
ps. also the peer award :-))
cattlerancher February 25, 2013
Very cute.
pixellimagery February 25, 2013
Thank you, it was a fun day, made even more fun by this gorgeous brown lady :-)))
SweetRay April 14, 2013
Very nice great touch with the coloured cow
pixellimagery July 23, 2013
The only cow in the herd which was not black and white :-))
Thanks so much, Ray, apologies for the slow reply
risinghope September 24, 2013
this is a perfect shot :)

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Canon 50D, 50-250mm f4, CS5 pre-ed, final tweaks with Nik

Canon 50D, 50-250mm f4, CS5 pre-ed, final tweaks with Nik
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