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onyanita August 19, 2014
spectacular!!! Congrats on being a Finalist.
debcoimages August 20, 2014
Fantastic shot! Congrats on your finalist placing!
RawShooter September 03, 2014
Congratulations!!! Честитам Богдане!!!
THOMMAS September 05, 2014
very kool photo,good luck
tropicala January 05, 2015
Wow! Love this!
JDLifeshots January 10, 2015
Great shot! Congrats.
MarshallLipp January 11, 2015
This is deserving of being in the final 50. People associate cold with winter and turn away from amazing beauty like this all too much
roccochiara January 24, 2015
CWphotos5 April 09, 2015
Breathtakingly beautiful!!!
stanislavkhatsevich April 29, 2015
This is really great my friend. Nothing to say. Composition, colors and postprocessing everything is good here.
sweetpea72 April 29, 2015
Sooo cool (:
Capture-Life April 29, 2015
celinher May 25, 2015
Stunning!!!! deserves a 1st prize!! :-9
Nishant-101 May 31, 2015
kathykuhn100 June 02, 2015
Looks otherworldly!!!
LindaT September 03, 2016
Beautiful and so interesting!
G_girl May 26, 2017
Amazing photo
Mikhailan June 19, 2017
Almost abstract composition made by nature itself.
EmmanuelVerzura June 22, 2017
Nice one
bretthondow June 22, 2017
Congrats on your win, superb shot. :)
Shabogi June 22, 2017
Shabogi June 22, 2017
Thank you!
Naomyb June 22, 2017
Wow great !!!
Niqueki June 24, 2017
Beautiful capture!
LAMONTEMA February 01, 2018
Pastels and comp amazing!
edrobson Jan 19

Artistic earth

Chicago Michigan lake chained in ice and snow on polar vortex that hit this area with sub zero temperatures.

Chicago Michigan lake chained in ice and snow on polar vortex that hit this area with sub zero temperatures.
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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken on a brutal -35F morning on the shores of Lake Michigan, where i wanted to capture the beauty of frozen lake and all the natures creativity.
This was early in the morning, around 8am if do remember it good. I had all off my equipment with me, but to be honest there was no way to use my tripod as weather was really brutal and even having my polar clothes,gloves and jackets it just couldn't help at all. So i ve done this shote handheld out of 8 or 9 vertical frames.
Light was soft, morning light not so much contrasty as everything was shining from snow and ice which reflected beautifully on surrounding objects.
I've used my trusty nikon d600 with 24-85 3.5-4.5 nikkor lens. This was handheld panorama, as I didn't managed to setup my tripod as I was freezing on the lake, and this was almost 3rd hr on the lake that morning and this was actually last frames that I captured that morning.
As someone who has a full time job, and being really passionate about landscape photography and winter landscapes I had a vision of capturing frozen beauty on the lake where rarely people come in these harsh conditions, and the lake was my only option without having to loose a job while traveling to some other distance places :)
Yes there is post production in this photo. First of all i've stitched vertical frames in Photoshop and returned to LR to do a basic edit such as WB,contrast, highlight and shadow clipping and curves. After that i imported panoramic file to PS and did some dodge and burn over 50% gray layer, toned down the sky a bit and correct some minor glitches with floe tool while it was stitched as panorama. After i've done all of that, next step was to enhance the snow in the foreground with blur effect while its on luminosity mode. Some clarity has been added to ice cracks on the lake and contrast as well to make it pop out more in final image. After that returned it back to LR,exported it as jPEG file with sRGB color space and resize it to fit 2048px on longer edge and normal sharpening for the web.
In my camera bag
Usually I don't use a lot of equipment in my bag, I have a Nikon Full frame d600 and few lenses which i don't bring with me all the time. But in most cases its Nikon d600 with 24-85 mm 3.5-4.5 AF-M lens, vivitar 13mm 2.6 MF lens, and few pro fx lenses such as 50mm 1.4 ED, 24-70mm 2.8 and 700-200mm 2.8 as well. I have a manfrotto panoramic head ver. 141RCNAT and FEISOL carbon fiber tripod ver CT-3301. I always carry my charger,extra battery pack and lens wipes. Sometimes i do take wireless trigger but not as often as i should be.
You have to brave the cold, to get these kind of extreme images you have to get out and shot in extreme weather conditions as there is not gonna be a lot of people who will go out and capture the nature's beauty when it is easier to stay home and enjoy some music and cup of tea. There is a lot of sacrifice that goes in making these kind of images, first of all getting up really early, having a proper clothes for these conditions, braving the cold and harsh weather and still think how to make the best image out there while trying not to freeze outside. Keep shooting, the best are always the bravest. Thank you ViewBug. Bogdan Vasilic

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