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Preserve our Heritage. Let coming generation know what our four-fathers left for us.

Preserve our Heritage. Let coming generation know what our four-fathers left for us.
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mstoltz1022 PRO
mstoltz1022 October 07, 2014
Nicely done. Great lighting and composition.

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Behind The Lens

This picture was taken at the small city called "Champaner" (near Vadodara city) in the state of Gujarat - India. This monument is preserved by ASI (Archeology Society of India). Chamaplaner is where lots of Mosques build with super piece of architecture and construction marvel. This picture is inside hall of one of such mosques.
I love to travel and take pictures of old buildings. I live about 50 miles from this place where I took this picture. As always I start my day early to catch morning lights. But for this I was bit late to start and missed morning light. So I had to take this shoot during late morning and early afternoon say around between 12:00 noon to 1:00 pm. That's way you see some harsh lights on the left side of the picture.
For photography light is like Oxygen to live. Lighting can make it or break it your photo. No mater how beautiful is the site or location is, but if the lighting is not right, the photo will not look as it should be. Most preferred time to take pictures are either in blue hour - early morning in soft sun and in golden hour - late in the evening where sky is showing its most majestic colors and treats you with coolness. Make sure the light is not too harsh to burn your details of the picture. In under exposed images you can recover details in post production but cannot get details in burned. So correct light is life of a picture.
Use of good equipment makes a lot of difference in picture quality. But at the same time having most expensive gadgets in hand does not mean you can take better picture. What you also need is an eye and skill to visualize what and how you take picture with minimum or normal camera. When I took this picture I did not have any expensive camera. I shoot this picture with Canon PowerShoot A2200. No flesh, no tripod and no added lens.
The architecture of this place is super. On can to resist without being inspired to capture memory for life. I love old historical constructions. I must have visited this place several times and I see something different all the time. when I saw light and shades in the hall, I could not stop taking picture. The perfection of pillars alignments, light from lest and depth of far window, was the most exciting site. Click.
Not much of the post-processing is done on this. I just did some color correction in Photoshop. Since there was no RAW format in this camera, I had no choice to do more extensive post-processing.
In my camera bag
This days there are so many new gadgets coming out that its difficult to catch up with updates. And people like use who are hobbyist cannot afford to keep updating every now an than. Now I carry Canon EOS-600D with lens kit and Sony Alpha ILCE-6000.
To take pictures of any architecture is not easy. You get lots of distortions, banding of ages, going out of perspective, etc. It's important to take your time align ages, see proper perspective and click. Here it is not like street photography, that you will miss the shoot if not ready and fast. You have all the time with you to analyze the shot. While shooting tall and huge building, you might want to include some second object near by which is smaller, like human or some vehicle, etc. to have visual impression of the size of the building.

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