Mussenden Temple Sunset Low by LMK_Photography
A Moment of Seriousness by kathrynsklenakdannay
Little Monks by Forrest_Brown
Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall by crismagsino
Farmers of Bagan by robgubiani
Metz Temple Neuf by Fannie_Jowski
bw bahai by angiesimpson
Batu Caves by mathewbrowne
Saint Isaac's Cathedral through the glass ball  by Akses
Wonderland by capturezeworld
ruins of old temple... by grandpa_Vlad
Light in the temple by yenaingwynn
Wat Hong Thong by Sivapoom_Yamasaki
The Inner Circle by ottoberkeley
Singapore contrast into Light by sventaubert
Temple Window by ImagesbyStina
Buddha Facing the Storm. by CanonDLee
Temple of the Moon by jessicacathrinesantos
The Temple Priest by Hamster7
Everglow by henrykwelle
Memories candle fair on Super full moon day by Sivapoom_Yamasaki
Timeless by timpryce
Magical Japan by littlevirag
Lost In Kyoto by dannywatchorn
AFTER TIME by nenadspasojevic
Beautiful Lake in Serenity by chokysinam
Temple Of The Moon MIlky Way  This image was taken in a remote area of Capitol Reef National Parkin Utah.   The “Temple” was lit using 5 separate static LED lights.  This particular image is a 5-panel panorama stacked with 9 frames per panel for a total o by derricksniderimagery
The Monastery by sakevanpelt
Belogorskiy monastery by dmitriydubovtsev
Ancient Temple by Lynleigh
Sunrise over Angkor Wat Temple  by PaddieGB
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