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pat-rice440 March 19, 2014
Love this!~ lool..He's just hangin out...
donaldginn March 20, 2014
Thanks!! He was literally just haning out.
davidbidmead April 02, 2014
Great fun !
KAM1975 August 07, 2014
Ha, ha, ha!! Love it!! ;))
donaldginn August 07, 2014
Thanks for the nice comments!!
kirkmills September 08, 2014
Love it! Voted!!
denisenewman December 03, 2014
denisenewman December 03, 2014
DVallas January 30, 2015
very tell us how you did that....I didn't realize squirrels even liked soda....
donaldginn January 30, 2015
I used photoshop to add in the dos equis bottle after the shot. This shot was too fun to not play around with. Thanks for your peer recognition and for your interest in this photo.
wilmamichel May 23, 2015
Great shot

dos equis squirrel

Edited Squirrel pick with the Dos Equis bottle.
Edited Squirrel pick with the Dos Equis bottle.
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Behind The Lens

This photo was shot from my back patio looking out into the corner of my yard.
This is a mid morning shot. The sun was just cresting above the horizon.
The lighting was natural sunlight.
I shot this Photo with my Canon 60D and my EF 70-300mm zoom. It was handheld while at the window.
I have an innate love for nature and all the critters around my area. I spend hours looking for opportunities to get decent shots like this.
After the shot, I added the Dos Equis bottle to his hands via photoshop and I also added a blur effect in photoshop. He was posed in a manner that reminded me of the commercials for Dos Equis.
In my camera bag
During the time of this shot, I carried my kit lens and my 70-300mm zoom. Now I almost exclusively carry my Sigma 50mm f1.4 art lens and my Tamron 24-70mm f2.8 zoom. I also carry a 430ex flash and a tripod for some more stable shots. I am a single camera owner at this time some my Canon 60d is always strapped to my back via a trekking dual camera/binoculars harness.
Carry your camera everywhere. If you don't have it, you can't get the picture. While you may be able to spot your target easily, they may only stop in a nice position for a short span of time, so keep your gear close at all times if you are looking for "the shot". Learn to use today's software. With all the new features in photoshop and lightroom its hard to keep up, but they are both super powerful for editing your shots. Look to the web for inspiration and techniques if you have something in your head that you want to reproduce.

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