Master of Puppets 2

Part of the "Master of Puppets" photo story; for all images, please refer to http:--diegogracia.com.

Actually, the series only reflects that most ...
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Part of the "Master of Puppets" photo story; for all images, please refer to http:--diegogracia.com.

Actually, the series only reflects that most of us are the puppets in the larger sense of someone or something bigger, and once that dependency is over, the next threats awaits us...
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kalpachev December 13, 2014
Great Mood and atmosphere !

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Behind The Lens

The picture was taken in the vehicle access of a factory in the city of Berne, Switzerland. For this picture I was looking for a particularly industrial, grungy looking environment.
The picture was taken around noon. Because of the light, I usually prefer shooting in the early morning or late afternoon, but in order to get that "cathedral light" through the top windows, it was necessary that the sun was high enough and higher than the buildings just next to the factory.
Ambient light was very important to get the mood with the background lit up and the light rays coming in from the top left side of the picture. But in order to emphasize the model and add depth to the picture, I used to studio flashes, one which was positioned to the right and little bit behind the model, and another one in front of the model.
Canon EOS 5D Mark II, Canon EF 24-70mm lens, Elinchrom Ranger flash with two heads.
Actually, this image is part of entire series consisting of underwater and normal photography. On the underwater pictures, my models are dancing as string puppets, whilst the master of puppets is seen on the normal images, as on this one. Most part of that series is on my profile on Viewbug, but unfortunately the right order got mixed up. You can see the full story in the correct chronological order on my website http://diegogracia.com/GalleryMain.asp?GalleryID=134806&AKey=Y679AHN9
Mostly dodge and burn and some filter techniques such as high pass and soft light.
In my camera bag
Usually a D-SLR, my Canon EF 16-35mm, 24-70 and 50mm lens any most of the time a tripod.
There are many buildings that offer great and dramatic backdrop the your shootings. Some of them are still being used, some others are seemingly lost places. No matter what, they usually belong to someone who does not want strangers to enter or stroll around them, plus it's illegal. Therefore, identify your shooting locations a few days before the actual shooting and find out who's the owner of the place, contact them, explain them your idea and ask whether you can do your shooting there. I made good experience with that procedure and usually, this is no problem and I can use the place at no cost.

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