Rustic Volvo

I found this beauty parked at the entrance of someone's property in Templeton, California. I think over time, other people parked their cars next to her. She ju...
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I found this beauty parked at the entrance of someone's property in Templeton, California. I think over time, other people parked their cars next to her. She just stood out so much better than the others. Those are cows behind her by the way… It was another clear and sunny day in California. Copyright 2010 Orlando Delbert Photography

Camera: NIKON D80

Aperture: f-8.0

ISO: 100

Exposure: 10-2500

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orlandodelbert February 18, 2014
Thank you! =)
ninnililjegren February 19, 2014
Awesome to see a nicely rusty Volvo PV in California! How did she end up there? It's a long way from home! ;)
orlandodelbert February 19, 2014
LOL! I have no idea. Someone told me she's been parked there for around 2 decades… She's still a pretty girl. There's around 5 of them still running in mint condition I see somewhat regularly here.
juliebowser February 23, 2014
A nice use of complimentary colours ;)!
orlandodelbert February 24, 2014
Thank you. I caught her at the right time of year. =)

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Behind The Lens

I took this photo on a back road in Templeton, California. She was parked at the entrance of someone's property. It looked as if over time, others abandoned their classic cars by parking them next to her. She stood out much better than the others. I like to get lost searching for adventures.
I believe it was late morning when I took this photo. I shot over 1000 photos that day in different vineyards in three different cities. It was a very full and productive day and went on through the night.
One of the benefits of living in California is there are many cloudless days. For photography however, that can lead to harsh lighting. It was still early enough that the lighting wasn't too harsh. I had in mind to do some post processing which as you can see made the colors and details pop.
I took this with a Nikon D80, and a Nikkor 24mm - 85mm lens.
I love classic cars and wide vistas. Living in California gives me access to plenty of both. Seeing this beauty sitting on a country road really caught my eye. I had to turn around and capture her beauty. There's a lot of history in her that I wanted to capture and share.
As a visual effects artist, I have access to digital special effects tools most photographers never heard of. In this case, I made several high-dynamic range passes, which helped produce a greater range of luminosity than what was seen previously. I then incorporated the use of masks to highlight different features, which helped bring out desired details of certain areas. The same techniques are what I would have used on a moving picture, and incorporated the use of Adobe Photoshop and After Effects.
In my camera bag
I'm actually shopping for a camera now. I understand technology changes quickly and am mindful of that as I'm doing my research. I'm a big advocate of good lenses. Even if camera bodies and sensors change in today's DSLRs, a good lens can be used for many years and even decades. I fell in love with Zeiss prime lenses working on a television show years ago. For the kind of photography I enjoy, I require fast 18mm, 85mm, and 200mm lenses. I take a lot of night photography due to limitations I have with vision, so fast lenses are a necessity.
My advice for anyone who wants to take these types of photos is to get in your car and just get lost. I purposely bought a Jeep so I can get into places I wouldn't be able to with a car. This has allowed me to get higher and deeper into the wilderness. I also have limited mobility, which having the Jeep has helped me with immensely. But a big thing is to plan your trips the best you can and prepare. Be mindful of how much fuel your trip is going to require and factor that in. And then be open to the unexpected. If something jumps out at you on the way to your planned shot, pull over and enjoy it. On top of any camera equipment I will have with me, I make sure I have my hydration kit, my Goal Zero solar panels and battery packs to keep me charged up, and of course my iPhone and iPad. One of my favorite photography experiences involved me hiking several miles on the edge of the coast, high above the rocks below, in high winds with a thunderstorm approaching. This was also at a time there were recent reports of hikers being attacked by mountain lions not too far from where I was. I had to make sure I had all of my gear in my pack, including my tripod, as well as whatever I may need to keep myself safe from possible attack. I captured some of my favorite photographs I have ever taken and made it back to my ride moments before the rain came down on me.

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