This is a production still I took for the television series, Back In The Biz.

Dancer: Kimmarie Johnson (She's a great talent!)
Copyright 2010...
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This is a production still I took for the television series, Back In The Biz.

Dancer: Kimmarie Johnson (She's a great talent!)
Copyright 2010 Orlando Delbert Photography

Camera: Apple iPhone 3G

Aperture: f-2.8

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orlandodelbert February 10, 2014
Thank you Carla! I'm glad you like it. =)
philipbebbington February 14, 2014
Nice mono image, love the mood in this image. Congrats.
orlandodelbert February 14, 2014
Thank you Philip! I appreciate that. =)
MadisonAshleyPhoto August 23, 2015
Awesome shot! If you're interested consider entering it in the Dance Like Nobody's Watching Photo Challenge! You can find it on my profile or the challenges page. Thanks!

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Behind The Lens

This is a production still I took for the television series, “Back In The Biz” directed by David Gordon. Production was shot that day at Box Eight Studios, Los Angeles, California.
I took this photo in the mid-afternoon.
We shot dance sequences for the show with two dancers that day. For this scene, we set up an HMI outside. We wanted to make sure the lighting stayed consistent and HMIs are great for that. We diffused the light with a large Scrim Jim held up with 2 C-Stands.
Believe it or not, I took this with an iPhone 3G and shot it handheld.
I was on set lighting the film and wasn’t planning on taking production photos that day. The director of photography was legendary photographer Stanley Newton. Him and I set up the lights and he took a lot of the production photos. When I took this shot, I was just at the right place at the right time. I took several photos of Kimmarie Johnson during this routine while keeping tabs on one of the lights. This was one of my favorite photos from the day.
Since the photo was backlit, I decided to make the photo black and white in Adobe Photoshop. I thought it would be more dramatic. I went back and forth between Photoshop and After Effects changing levels, bringing up the contrast, and putting a glow on the light areas in the glass, and on the floor behind her.
In my camera bag
I carry with me a Nikon D-80 camera body. The lens I use the most is a Nikkor 24mm – 85mm lens. I also take with me my iPad 3. I also use an older Manfrotto tripod. I believe as long as we know our tools, and the fundamentals of light and photography, we can capture dynamic imagery.
I always suggest knowing your equipment. You don’t need the latest and greatest to take good photos. Learn the differences in light densities, color temperatures, and lens speeds. Camera bodies will always change, but good lenses one will hold onto for many years. Always make sure you have enough light for your desired affect. Also consider what the post process will involve when you are planning the shoot. And plan beforehand to help ensure you get the shots you want, have access to the location, and have all of the gear you will need with you.

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