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rachmonte February 08, 2014
Fantastic image!
Shutterbug314 February 08, 2014
Love it!!
nikki8 February 09, 2014
Awesome capture!
hotpixel February 09, 2014
How cool... happy guy !!
Behind-the-Fire-Scene February 09, 2014
It has to be good if it makes you smile - wonderful shot :-)
WalkAboutArt February 10, 2014
What a great shot.
rturnbow February 12, 2014
Wonderful capture and post work!
Pablo-Klik February 16, 2014
jefflaidlaw February 17, 2014
Your portrait work, exceptional; your editing skills beyond question.... this is a great image :) You catch universal character rather than just a face and every image appears clear. honest and non-judgemental .... it's a huge talent .... thank you for sharing :)
barbaraseager February 18, 2014
Amazing, so full of emotion. Love it
KathyHolliker February 18, 2014
This is outstanding! Great composition, color, creativity! Beautiful!
adoptedone February 23, 2014
Wow - what a great capture!
Lewisia_rediviva February 24, 2014
Your photos look like magnificent paintings!
michelbissonnette February 28, 2014
Great candid shot,well done
eleazarparedes March 02, 2014
Excellent shot!
heathermcfw April 06, 2014
Love love this, the emotion you captured is wonderful.
djensen April 06, 2014
Just awesome!
WileKyK April 06, 2014
Really great capture of the connection between these two.
stamatispappas April 06, 2014
Great work! (all of yours...)
charlena April 06, 2014
Amazing, Amazing, Amazing!!
philipbebbington April 09, 2014
Beautiful portrait work,that tells a story.Congrats
LisaWeber April 10, 2014
Just superb!
robertneary April 21, 2014
Another great capture, Ron!!!
Jazz May 02, 2014
Stunning image
silcabieses May 02, 2014
Excellent image! Congrats!
fischart May 06, 2014
Captures the moment!!!
AvanAkenPhotography May 10, 2014
Ron - I've loved this image from the first second I saw it! Outstanding emotion in this one!!! And always, your post production is perfect!
nancyferguson July 01, 2014
YOU are the Norman Rockwell/Charles Remington of western photography!
kathyallison August 04, 2014
Love this!
kathymuhle August 21, 2014
Love this photo - so much joy there!
Proudfoot August 30, 2014
Love it!
Geistwolf May 12, 2015
What a great shot! It made me smile after a stressful day...Thank you!
lloydmichaelhaines May 16, 2015
I have to say, this is by far one of my favourite photos of all time
JulieFuller November 06, 2015
Great photo!
perryv November 07, 2015
Great timing and nice processing method!
JDLifeshots November 07, 2015
Great capture! Congrats.
BtBates November 08, 2015
Join the conversation. Add a comment or even better, a critique. Let's get better together!
BtBates November 08, 2015
beccurphey November 08, 2015
traceymoran November 09, 2015
Love this image,great capture :)
CCKEN November 09, 2015
As a horseman this just makes you tear up with joy as a photographer ''you nailed it'' Wonderful
sharilee November 09, 2015
LOVE this photo!! Genuine happiness captured. ;)
GailsWorld November 09, 2015
So wonderful!
emmabeattyhowells November 12, 2015
What an amazing moment - love it. Congratulations on a great capture!
parmenters November 13, 2015
Just love this shot!!
beccurphey November 19, 2015
Congratulations on winning runner up in in the smiles contest. It's a beautiful image and well deserved.
pietnel November 19, 2015
Excellent image well done
audreykenison December 04, 2015
This is so cute!
laurensricci January 21, 2016
Wonderful atmosphere and photography in all the work of this artist!
ElizabethMae January 25, 2016
This Makes Me Smile! :)
hiyahercfarm January 25, 2016
Beautiful shot! Congratulations on being a Finalist in the 500 Expressions Photo Contest!
Joykaye March 22, 2016
Love, love, love this photo!!!
Marierich March 22, 2016
Simply wonderful :))...and a great gallery :))
jacquelinegeddessmith March 22, 2016
Perfect capture of a moment.
acglock March 22, 2016
Masterpiece of genuine emotion!
Savvyhallett March 22, 2016
Heart warming, I love this photo so much!
Oziephotographer March 23, 2016
Fantastic capture and excellently edited.
ConnyC March 24, 2016
great shot!!
maudrietjens April 07, 2017
Nice picture! maybe you would like to join my contest: farmers

Old Friends





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Contest Finalist in 500 Expressions Photo Contest
Contest Finalist in Chasing Smiles Photo Contest
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Behind The Lens

The original image was taken on a farm here in southwest Missouri.
Like most, I love to shoot early morning and late afternoon. This image was taken around 8:00 am.
Really nothing special about the light except that it was still fairly soft morning light.
This was shot with a Nikon D700 and a 70-200 f/2.8 lens.
The gentleman in this image is an old friend of mine and the camera loves him, so every time I'm around him I'm inspired to shoot. The Mule reaching out to him was a bonus.
I did a simple background replacement because the background was very distracting. Everything was done in Photoshop and then done a bit of toning in Niks Color Efex.
In my camera bag
I have both the Nikon D4s and the Nikon D700 cameras. The main lenses that I use are the 24-70 f/2.8 and the 70-200 f/2.8 Nikons.
I think for this shot the most important thing was the fact that I was ready to shoot when the shot presented itself.

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