AlanJakarta March 26, 2015
Great capture. Congratulations on being Featured.
annaphillips March 26, 2015
Thanks Alan, it's an honour!
Remraf March 26, 2015
Great shot!
annaphillips March 26, 2015
Thanks Remraf :)
yourlily March 26, 2015
Amazing shot, totally brilliant...I've never managed to get anything near the clarity off Gansbaai...It might
help if after waiting and waiting for a shark to break
the surface I didn't jump 3 ft in shock when one finally
did. Great experience...I never went out without seeing multiple GW's....Well done, it's an awesome shot and congrats.
annaphillips March 26, 2015
Thanks Lily, it's nice to meet a fellow Gansbaai/shark fan. To be honest, despite spending what could amount to days on cage diving boats I've only got a handful of shark photos that I'm proud of. After an hour or so of holding my camera to my eye I would eventually need to use the toilet and suddenly hear a splash and a cheer when the shark finally appeared so I can feel your pain :) Thank you for the lovely comment.
catini March 26, 2015
Great catch! Congrats on your feature!
annaphillips March 26, 2015
Thank you :)
tetvet March 26, 2015
nice catch, congrats
annaphillips March 26, 2015
Thank you :)
iceman2 March 26, 2015
Beautiful shot!Congrats
annaphillips March 26, 2015
Thanks, it means a lot :)
chuckrickman March 26, 2015
Spectacular image. Congrats on being featured.
annaphillips March 26, 2015
Thanks Chuck, it was a lovely suprise!
SusiStroud March 26, 2015
This shot is AWESOME, such clarity and action. Congratulations !!!!
annaphillips March 26, 2015
Aww cheers Susi, as someone who has spent a lot of time at sea watching for sharks I have a lot of blurry and missed shots in my portfolio so it was nice to see this on the home page of Viewbug :)
fadecountier March 26, 2015
WOW! I would have been scared for my life haha, great shot!
annaphillips March 26, 2015
Thanks for the comment Ryan, I was nervous before the first trip but once you see them you just become fascintated in them. They're more nervous and wary than you could imagine.
kkat March 26, 2015
Wow!!! Great Capture!!
MLundberg1 March 26, 2015
amazing shot! look at the eye rolled back to protect itself during the attack!
trevorsmart March 26, 2015
Great capture, well worth all the waiting. Well done on the feature
GordonD March 27, 2015
amazing capture, congratulations on the feature :)
Barbpsp4 April 02, 2015
Well done with being featured. Superb shot.
OliRash April 12, 2015
Outstanding shot. This capture most definitely deserved to be featured - well done! You might be interested to take a look at my profile only I got an underwater pic of one of these beasts at Gansbaai
JMCC April 19, 2015
Wonderful shot!
jimhelmick May 22, 2015
Super shot. I'll be content to watch you have the fun.
lukastraude June 23, 2015
wow crazy shot !!
nandicmb October 26, 2015
Congratulations on both your Awards!

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Oct, 2013

Great white shark takes the bait

I have spent a lot of time working with a shark cage diving company in South Africa.
Cage diving boats have a large metal cage attached to the side in which tourists can bob around safely to watch the passing of great white sharks.
The sharks are attracted to the boat with a fish soup called "chum" and then brought in further using a fish head on a rope. It is important to mention that sharks aren't allowed to get the bait but sometimes the sharks are too quick for the bait handler.

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