Great white shark and decoy

A great white shark attempts to take the seal decoy on a research trip, South Africa

A great white shark attempts to take the seal decoy on a research trip, South Africa
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kirksmallwood November 13, 2013
Great capture!!
Lincsdna PRO+
Lincsdna March 27, 2014
Hi Anna! I thought it was Mr Blobby on a string haha! Great capture, well done, Lincoln :)
Joey_Howard March 29, 2014
PattyTuggle PRO+
PattyTuggle June 04, 2015
One word: Yikes!
horsegalraye PRO
horsegalraye June 09, 2015
You actually got that CLOSE>!?!?!?!?!?! GREAT CAPTURE!!!!!!
lworthemphotos PRO+
One misstep bye bye.

Behind The Lens

I took this photo in 2012 in Gansbaai, South Africa when I was working for the Dyer Island Conservation Trust and developing a career in wildlife photography.
5.30pm in November 2012 which is mid summer in South Africa.
Although it was quite overcast at the time it was very bright and the sea was still so very reflective. I had to use spot metering to take a reading in order to make sure that Oli and the shark were correctly exposed.
Nikon D80 and 18-200mm lens, I felt this was perfect for the scene in order to get both Oli and the shark in shot.
I co-direct a creative agency called EDNA which focuses on working with organisations involved in eduction and conservation. I was lucky enough to be invited onto shark research boat “Lwazi” to film shark science in action for a short film we were working on for Dyer Island Conservation Trust in association with Volkswagen and Marine Dynamics. During the trip “chum” (fish oil soup to attract the sharks) was added to the water and a fish head bait and a seal shaped decoy were thrown in to entice the sharks towards the boat, The sharks aren’t allowed to eat the bait or decoy as this would change their behavour but rather allow scientists on the boat to take data such as size, gender and fin photos to identify the shark. We were surrounded by at least 4 sharks at once ranging in size from 2 to 4.5 metres in length This photos captures a shark as it goes for the decoy which was quickly pulled out of the way by Oliver Jewell, a marine biologist whose study we were focusing the film on.
I needed to straighten the photo quite a bit. I also increased clarity and fixed the histogram in Lightroom.
In my camera bag
I've since upgraded to a Nikon D800 after using a D80 for many years. I still like to use zoom lenses as I travel to South Africa and need to travel light, so a 28-300mm is perfect. Also at least 50gb of memory cards, usually only 8gb and 16gb per card as they are easy to break and lose.
It has taken me many tries to photograph sharks breaching out of the water as they are so unpredictable and you can be waiting hours with the camera glued to your face before you get the shot. Patience and a high ISO and shutter speed first of all. Also take a few test shots as you are waiting as conditions at sea change very quickly. I found that a zoom lens works perfectly as the sharks get very close to the boat. I would recommend my good friends at Marine Dynamics in Gansbaai for the most perfect cage diving experience.

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