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Neon-Orange-Bubbles-Photo October 25, 2015
Amazing,I love the light beams
Maryejj0564 October 26, 2015
Absolutely stunning! The fall colors, the light shining through and the people on the road give the photo a little of everything.
njkerosky October 27, 2015
Exquisite Capture!!!
chuckrickman October 27, 2015
Autumnal excellence!
perryv November 10, 2015
You've done it again! Great shot!
joanneluxton December 24, 2015
Join the conversation. Add a comment or even better, a critique. Let's get better together!
joanneluxton December 24, 2015
What a Wow photo.
adovgan December 26, 2015
Your pictures are unbelievable. One picture worth a thousand words. You made my day. Thank you.
charlenecampbell-wood December 30, 2015
I'm in awe of your beautiful photography. Every photo is stunning!
Timeinabottle January 28, 2016
why mess with perfection!!!
14renren February 26, 2016
Martin one of the best portfolios I have had the pleasure of viewing, you have an incredible style and eye. stunning work.
medlabtech September 04, 2016
Wonderful,I love the way you capture the light
kenstewart November 23, 2016
Beautiful work. Nicely done!
barryarmstrong November 24, 2016
A great Autumn shot but the sunbeams seem a little unreal but still I like the composition.
Jknauf November 24, 2016
This image is simply outstanding! I looked at your other shots and they are also spectacular. I would love to know the story behind this photo and the philosophy you ascribe to with your photography. Well done.
PapaJohns1997 November 25, 2016
O MY GOD!!! The touch of copper along with these light beams passing through narrow channels in the canopy, simply make it mind-blowing! GREAT WORK!
JDLifeshots December 09, 2016
Gorgeous capture! Congrats.
charlena December 09, 2016
Absolutely beautiful...
lenaavalon December 13, 2016
Amaizing !!!!
Bart_Sliwecki December 21, 2016
Wow! super!
trevbrown October 29, 2018
Brilliant light capture and editing
keepclicking October 30, 2018
Awesome photograph. Perfect from top to bottom. Congratulations
Lesabre1954 Apr 10
I am speechless. Such beauty!

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