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Ajohn603 February 03, 2016
Stunning gallery!
ashleysowter February 29, 2016
Superb light, tones, composition and atmosphere. Wonderful art
KristinSig March 05, 2016
Beautiful light and colors
thunderlake March 31, 2016
samarjitsinha May 01, 2016
How to get these light beams? :(
martinpodt May 18, 2016
Be there at the right moment! Well, that is easier said than done...
delsilva May 16, 2016
I love to go there! :)
gatorbait38 May 18, 2016
Stunning! Great composition and lighting. Congratulations!
kerrybatt May 18, 2016
Have always loved sun rays coming through trees. etc with some foggy air. This photo is too too much. Love it.Cant critique something that is this incedible.
inesgardea June 12, 2016
B E A U T I F U L, great capture my friend
Ch3Rpi August 21, 2016
nature showing off
Cirrus76 October 29, 2016
Love the soft golden light in this
justintime3 November 13, 2016
Beautiful picture.
RiViCo January 31, 2018
Well done, good composition and light balance
gregnunn June 15, 2018
Love the lighting
judykarendal November 04, 2018
Absolutely stunning!

You can't have a light without a dark





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Behind The Lens

This photo was made in Lochem, the Netherlands, not that far from my home.
I made this photo during a beautiful morning in autumn 2015. I just love these sun rays that you can see during mornings with some fog.
Sun rays: I just love them! :)
Most of my photos I make using a tripod. I used a Sony NEX-5N camera and a 18-200 lens.
The forest is a big source of inspiration for me. I like walking there especially during the morning.
I use Photoshop for post-processing. The main things I change are contrast and colors.
In my camera bag
I don't take much equipment with me. I like to travel light. Often I just take my camera with my beloved 18-200 lens.
If you want to capture something like this: go out in the forest early. :)

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