Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best winter wildlife shots in this photo contest with chances to win a Tamron AF 18-200mm F/3.5-6.3 and more.

A special thanks to friend and professional photographer Brad Pearson for his collaboration as a guest judge in this animals photo contest. Brad is a lifestyle and outdoor photographer based in Salt Lake.

"Fox catch mice " by TaraWillow

""Schneewanderung" " by uwegibkes

"Winter Ghost " by HarryC

"Play Time " by scottwickward

"Snowy Owl " by tomingramphotography

"Polar Bear Reflection " by paaluglefisklund

"SNOWBALL FIGHT " by Cobble-Art

"_8508562_73017Fun " by Marston

"Snowy Eyes " by karyntureckischiller

"The stretch " by garyhunter_6788

"Snowy Bison " by selinacharnock

"white out " by Andre11

"The Dancer " by lszlpotozky

"Jumping Polar Bear " by ericbettens

"_DSC9853 " by circlepranch

"Mountain lion with her cub. Playing. " by dffry

"Gentoo With Chick " by alanpeterson

"9N4A9723-web " by Anneliese-Photography

" " by RGanz

"untitled-46734673 " by ninapritikinzale

"Male penguin carrying rocks to build the nest Antartika03936 " by Brenda13

"foxie " by MARINHACV

" " by scottcharlesprater

"Observation point " by csiszarlaszlo

"Canada Lynx " by janlightfoot

"A busy day at the beach " by gerdaeilts

"Proud Momma " by steveclevidence

"_DSC1271 " by TheoShilton

"Ermine 2 " by Maggie64

"European Lynx " by GWorks

"downsized_5625 " by laurelgolemba

"Gentoo penguin in Antarctica " by SueClarkPhoto

"FOX " by DavidPriymak

"Foxy profile . . .

Yellowstone National Park " by stevealder

"Forest Horse " by dawnvandoorn

"Bobcat 6 " by edhendricks

"Golden Eagle " by Gahpir

"Looking Back " by Peaceofthenorth

"Young white-tailed eagle " by KalleP

"His Majesty " by JadeRiver

"On the move " by Tamani

"Got My Eye On You " by meganlorenz

"Follow the leader " by KatnPat

"Morning Routine " by maureenelliott

"Our beards are the same color. " by BLPhotography

"Timberwolves playing. " by richardschneider

"Now that's a bear " by mlorenekimura

"Rockhopper Penguin " by OutbackPhotoAdventures

" " by peterallinson

"8 Year Old Male Snowy Owl/ Canadian Raptor Concervancy/ December 29th, 2017/ Vittoria, Ontario " by jackwstarret

"Arctic Wolf " by Fujiguy

"Did you say carrots!?!?! " by sandythompson

"Mule Deer Lounging " by DutchTouch

"Charlie " by BethGoetzman

"A Bone to Pick " by ladyvet

I'll take your photo ????????
#cultureofcreatives #france #cha " by jamiemackrill

"Red Fox 24 " by Tenderfoot

"Wolfy " by maver001

"Great Grey On The Hunt " by kellymarquardt

"Jumping " by pilardazgmez

"Alpha " by CreativeArtView

"Owl (Athene noctua) " by ALBESA

"The Voice of Reason " by felipecorrea

" Redtail Hawk winter hunt 160b " by Batesphoto

"Timeless Bison " by ryankostphotography

"got to go " by petefreund

""Spring" Horse " by nicholasvonalbedyhll

"Rare Woodland Caribou Sparring " by kailamariewalton

"Penguins " by martyryan1000

"Un attimo di relax " by Vassili_Balocco

"Look Behind You " by NakinaManitou

"Golden Eagle " by theshawnamiller

"Frosted beard " by (A)Singingcamera

"King Colony " by (A)rabjaffar

"You Go First! No! You Go First! " by (A)Rangerness-PV

"kings " by (A)DerekP

"Can't See Me " by (A)tgroman

" " by (A)hottmoose

"Chasing Lunch " by (A)Twilightgirl

"IMG_2807 Push and Shove " by (A)DeeElliott

"A Moment Captured In Wild Blizzard . . . " by (A)Teri_Reames

"King of the forrest " by Evolutiongetscreative

"Golden eagle in boreal forest (2) " by TendrelImages

"Winter Lynx " by tracymunson

"Northern Harrier Take-off " by animalartist

"One Step at a Time 2 " by Lpepz

"anger " by flexito3

"Time to go " by EaglePortraits

"Watching " by Beyerphoto

"Iceland Beauties " by (A)JudyPowellPhotography

"polar bears " by Elchin_Jabbarov

"Brown Bear in the Snow " by (A)quincyfloyd

"Polar Shake " by zquentin

"Seal antics " by jamesrushforth

"Leopard Seal " by KanaPhotography

"Let's Go! " by NatashaHaggard

"Muskox " by JimCumming

"American Marten " by (A)Spider1987