Whether you are a professional photographer or just love taking pictures of your friends and family, we want to see how you capture the bokeh effect with your camera! For this photo contest, we invited you to show us how light shines through your environment to create stunning and captivating images with chances to win a Polaroid Snap Touch camera and more. Congratulations to the following finalists:

"Champagne Sands" by AzuraPhotography

"ROSE " by LelaKieler

"All on a winter’s eve " by dmckenty

" " by Beyondtessaseyes

"Crystal Ball Christmas " by craigcaldwell_3166

"Magic and Wonder " by kapuschinsky

"IMG_1855 " by Jose_Luis_Mendez

"Autumn's calling " by traceydobbs

"Mushrooms " by Rommerus

"Songs of joy " by dKi_Photography

"Feeding Time " by IraklisMakrygiannakis

"IMG_2131 " by Talmaza

"Peace and love " by maperick

"Felisja " by lucafoscili

"Evening Wood " by GypsyLiz

"Beautiful Heart " by JustDivinePhotography

"Reflections " by davidsantangelo

"Christmas Star " by derpassigraf

"Flowers sun set" by (A)Steas

"Autumn playtime " by Jtrojer

"Baby Langoor " by avkash

"To bright " by FARO_ZA

"A Tale of the Mini Mini " by LauraAnnG

"A piece of the story " by JMichellePix

"rit-38 " by simoneforti

"Laughter and Lights " by natosed

"Le logie du farfadé " by nagrom

"Rain Drops " by PipGogof

"perfume " by iamanafricansong

"Philly Manhole " by Swen_Darwin_Cubilette

"bokeh " by steveward

"Light Bulb in a Cage " by The_Whitography_Project

"My favorite flower " by mariamercedeszabala

"Little duck " by giordanoaita

"DoubleSpirals " by CaptureLifeUK

"Sunset Bokeh " by PeriHoke_CoyoteQuest

"Parrot .... " by amf250963

"Lunch at Hietaniemi Cemetery " by santifisher

"Drop bokeh " by maurogiorgiotoniolo

"Winter games " by daliaa

"Saphira-7687 " by amork

"It's Cammy! " by selectmodelevents

"the Wall " by bendikstalheim

"LAY DOWN " by Ochalina

"Fairylights " by Tristwin

"Fire and Ice " by JenniferCShade

"Spring. " by Lanky44Lanky442

"Sunset and Mushrooms " by Mirza_Cengic

"Winter " by VHiggins

"Mic & Lights " by ACutAbovePhotography

"Rainy Night " by Darrell_Evans

"Mushroom Family " by PixelsInLightspace

"Aurora Orb " by HIPHeidiIhnen

"Bubbles " by courtneytaylorbowles

"2117 " by johnhoward

"Good MMorning friends " by tahirabbasawan

"Longboarder Noseriding " by jasongeneric

"Cambria " by JessicaDrossin

"Light Bokeh 1 A " by carelvanvuuren

""Laying in Wait" " by danmoran

"a distinct view " by aurora_gio

"pink " by lajtshika

"enjoying life to the fullest without any worries " by HRImages

"light rain " by gbyers

"coin-op " by caitlinjeanette

"Late Shift and City Lights " by matthew.eden

" " by photosbyrashid

""Bokeh Tree" " by JayBeeTeeAyeWhyAyeGee

"Out of this world " by (A)zozoart

"ROMANTIC " by (A)yuliantopongge

"Colors " by (A)Wilfried

"! " by (A)Duskban