Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best photos B&W water shots in the Water In Black And White Photo Contest with chances to win a Sigma Lens and more!

A special thanks to our friend and professional photographer Nathan Wirth for his collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest. Nathan Wirth, who was born and raised in San Francisco, is a self-learned photographer that uses a variety of techniques— including long exposure and infrared— to express his unending wonder of the fundamental fact of existence by attempting to focus on the silence that we can sometimes perceive in between the incessant waves of sound that often dominate our perceptions of the world. Nathan also curates and edits, slices of silence, an online place to read and view conversations about photography.

"oesterbanken bij Asnelles" by johanwolfard

"Summer Day" by arielcerebelina

"Burned Pier in Brighton" by (A)Marcela76

"Grey skies" by LeanneMWilliams

"Dramatic LE Sunrise Monochrome" by iamcordz

"Godafoss" by Arbustus

"Vestrahorn BW" by TrueNorthImages

"Barmera B&W mid" by ArkayPhoto

"The Strait" by (A)joaorico

"Black Cullin Waterfall " by kenrhodes

"Mirror of the sky" by (A)aidagri

"Slodus Point_0995-HDR-Edit-B&W-" by kevintubiolo

"PRIMAL" by ElenaParaskeva

"Huck and Tom" by ashleysowter

"Roker Pier" by SteveCheetham

"Shipwreck-Inverness B&W" by markcote

"into the abyss" by elecfoto

"Gougane Barra" by Chris_Photoshooter

"Morning Bells" by GayleLucci

"Sunbeam II" by marekbiegalski

"Venice Beach Pier " by almartinez

"b&wreflection" by RJHPhoto

"Cromer Pier" by stevehardiman

"number 36" by (A)TimSmith67

"Scarborough Bluffs" by Phiddy

"in the bay B&W" by joecas

"Azenhas do Mar " by (A)MiguelMartins

"Rainbow Lake, Pano B&W - Brainar Lake Hike, 8.2016- (IMG_9928-Pano)" by KColbyPhotography

"Brant street Pier in Black and White" by glennbernasol

"scott warne_stairway" by SCOTT-WARNE

"storm" by pauljoinson

"Equilibrist" by Mrc_Tagliarino

"The legendary waterfall" by andreacelli

"Mt. Hood" by DerekKind

"Ocean" by worm78

"Darkness comes" by petersvoboda

"Let go" by kapuschinsky

"Into the Horizon" by miguelantunes_8885

"Calmness" by q-liebin

"Cabin by the Lake" by peterfoldiak

"The Hammock in BW" by PhilMcCabe

"Calm" by bmackenziephotography

"Temple of the Gods" by FredGramoso

"The tree in the lake" by (A)jasoncervi

"Epiphany" by (A)LarryGreene

"Go With the Flow" by Nishant-101

"Skógafoss" by sebastiao_chaves

"Among the Madding Crowd " by emxsee

"Spray " by galsworth

"Davenport in B&W " by diversionphotography

"Mountain lake 2 " by livioferrari

"In The Face Of Fury " by Followmeaway

"The River " by KellyALongphotography

"abandoned dock " by davidgrachek

"Breaking Dawn " by ryanbuchanan

"Batanes Rainbow " by GigiJim08

"Surfing at King's Beach, QLD, Australia " by karolispipiras

"The blue are black! " by CarlAage

"Direction " by (A)Emmagoodwin

"Skogafoss from above " by Daniel-Photography

"Cal Poly Pier - Avila Beach, California " by cmwieber

"Wait for it in B&W " by chrispegman

"Portland Head Light " by deannefortnam

"The Black King " by federicosassolinosasson

"Lighthouse Park " by (A)jasondarr

"swim " by Lynzybrooke

"Portal " by fronteras

"Lake Placid " by Robert71

"Rush " by HopeCharmaine

"Serenity Mono " by KanaPhotography

"Shipwrecked in Grayscale waters " by billpeppas

"Humpback Whale " by spidereyes

"Bay Bridge in B&W " by fidfoto

"IMG_9937 copy " by cameraman909

"Lighthouse in the sorm " by dalepausinga

"DREAM HOME " by carl_doghouse

"The Pier at Pimentel " by GeraintRowlandPhotography

"fahan old pier" by bernardward

"A insustentável leveza do elemento" by (A)AdCarreira

"SkyWay Bridge - Tampa Bay" by Ricky303

"Llandudno Pier LE (1 of 1)" by martinbeecroft

"Point the Way" by (A)Davemce

"The Wave" by hungerland

"Entering the Ocean " by NiCoBoCo