Thank you to all the photographers that shared their photos that show the meaning of discovery and inspiration in this photo contest in collaboration with Dominick Scott from Visuals Of Life. Dominick Scott is the creator of Visuals of Life, a social community of photographers set on discovering the different beauties they encounter and sharing their experience through photography. On Instagram, @visualsoflife has almost 40,000 followers and more than 180,000 photos posted to the hashtag. Dominick is currently attending Saddleback College majoring in Business Administration with an emphasis in marketing. At only 20 years old, Dominick is on track to one day start his own business that provides marketing services such as photography, cinematography, graphic design, and much more to both large and small companies.

Congratulations People's Choice "Sun Dogs" by RenegadeSpirit

"bucklake" by nathanaelmatthewasaro

"Subway" by andrei_duman

"tree" by jostephen

"Magic Carpet Transport Service" by (A)ntgreen

"Projects 146" by grebeh

"Durdle Door - Other Side" by (A)syn3rgy

"My Odd Salvation" by TrevorCokley

"Godrevy Panorama" by JohnHPhotography

"Blue & Red" by radekgora

"Color Swirl" by antoniolaranjeira

"Elowah magic" by bogdanvasilic

"Contemplation" by vincentmoschetti

"Natural Mirror" by constantinfellermann

"Kaaterskill Falls in the Winter" by danfish

"images abandend but not forgotten" by rosemaryhoffman-herrera

"Aurora boreoalis" by bennyhynes

"Canoe adventure near Cascade Pond" by alancrosthwaite

"Middle-Earth" by alexandergomez

"Serene" by mvlow

"summer fairytale" by tadejturk

"Lake_Stars" by dustpixx

"Sunset in Sedona" by darvasg

"mirror mountain" by (A)SD-Fotografie

"Death Tree" by ChrisVanLoan

"Desert Branch Void" by fineartphotography

"0225abw" by jay_dee

"Sunrise over South Pointe Jetty" by davidharris518

"Paddling in the Clouds" by tikidianne

"Reflection" by (A)andreasmichaelgiesea

"Pathway of Feathers" by BrianaK

"Double Trouble" by lynsealaw

"In the Beginning" by chrismoyer

"Meet Mr. Wiggles" by michaelanglin

"The watcher" by sarahmartinet

"The courier" by TomerE

"Red Deer" by arturaskerdokas

"Nervi Sunrise" by Tiziano

"Moonrise reflections" by Zaeed

"Winter Elk" by liasimcox

"My kind of Selfie ..." by UroshGrabner

"Waiting...." by borisworkshop

"Dawn of the planet Alps" by arpandas

"Old Paint" by jbingaman