Thank you to all the photographers that shared their favorite travel shots in this photo contest with chances to be published! The top selection will receive 100 VIEWBUG Coins and will have an exclusive interview published in the Dodho magazine. Congratulations to the following finalists:

"Sunrise on Board " by Joerg

"Arosbaya cave & those light rays " by crazyangel77

"67853 " by jacekwitkowski

"Golden Sunset " by marcoantonioperna

"THE ICY BLUE HELL GATE " by SpicyArtWorks

"Manarola After the Storm " by ericcriswell

"Mates " by WorldPix

"Fog rising " by Idogal75

"Milkyway Lookout " by gunnarheilmann

"Autumn from Air " by jatinthakkar

"Grand Prismatic " by LetsViewThis

"Venetian, Capitola CA " by trentwoods

"Utopia " by maperick

"Budapest Sunrise " by DutchTouch

"Escape from the ice " by fabrizioferraris

"P1050771 " by AndreyP

"Windjana Gorge campground " by timashmore

"Deep Beauty " by larrybeard

"Mount Pinatubo " by zetlog

"Effie Herding Sheep MV " by GayleLucci

"Amazon Riverboat " by ocannebridgetpeek

"Milburn Bay at Trinity Island " by ingeseverinsen

"Sunset at Blacklick " by SedienaLee

"Eiffel Tower Night " by alecsmart

"Excaliber Gondola, Whistler, B.C., Canada " by softshoulderdiscoveries

"flying " by Guillaume

"Lady Liberty " by SanamsDarkRoom

"Florida_Cruise 2011 Blue Lagoon 3jpg " by doubleplay

"The Road to Zion " by mikehills

"Samantha " by kgillespie

"El Matador Sunset " by ELEVATEDIMAGING

"Car on the inch beach in Ireland co. Kerry " by enemix

"Road 61 " by petersachem

"Intertwined " by ManuSca

"Lake District Boathouse " by samgrahamm

"nature_390 " by hchvzg

"crepuscular " by dKi_Photography

"Balloon Ride " by sallycarey

"237 " by KelsAndrey

"Leading sand ripples " by ClaxCorra

"Staircase to above " by vbtwhelton264371

"The pier " by MaximilianvanVuigt

"Road in Wisconsin " by rlinn3

"A piece of Protaras " by chriele78

"Steps " by ArmandRoby

"Three Mustangs " by johnboland

"“I woke up like this” " by McTrillion

"Canada " by kjellkarlsson

"Reflections on the Thames " by CMoffat

"Playa aat sunset " by vadja

"Inside Cathedral Cove " by Joacomaj

"Riomaggiore " by ricklussi

"Golden Temple " by johndelalande

"Chinatown " by NickBPhotoUK

"Sunrise Over Lake Rotoroa " by RChristian

"view " by spARTiat_de

"Marcia sitting above Mathis lake " by Walklightphoto

"Jökulsárlón " by thomassasspedersen

"Peak-a-Boo " by JeRoen_Murre

"On the Edge " by simalg05

"Sunrise at the Eibsee " by talesofjustin

"Carp River " by CanonDLee

"Two Youngsters measuring their strength! " by zistos

"Part of the Lofton Islands in Norway! " by samkilman

"Mount Bromo at Sunrise " by joe_menggolo

"Hooker lake " by Darrenp

"Quiver tree at sunrise " by joggievanstaden

"balloon riding " by kutlu

"Waterfalls in Autumn " by autumnoaks

"Fitz Roy, Patagonia " by DRMyers

"into myself " by dcarasso

"My way " by JeffAlexander

"The arrival " by AntonioPedroniPhoto

"Arish Mell, Worbarrow Bay " by TheBlackLancer

"IMG_4720_BW " by jayaruwan

"Bird's eye view " by GuyPhotos

"Pastel of Paris " by cavazbe

"photo " by cathyburke

"Quebrada de Las Flechas, Argentina " by amaliazilio

"Beyond " by taarnes

" " by ngomes

"Château de Chillon " by klavsmarko

"Hamnoy - Lofoten 2020 " by giusepperussofoto

"Rialto Beach Sunset " by davidgodwin

"Miami Cityscape " by JackSciclunaPhotography

"Lake Park Sunrise " by dgrits

"Desert Dreamscape " by josephbologna

"Sunrise at Uluru " by gregdickson

"The tunnel of ice " by samanthawilson25

"Lakes Entance Beach " by philtaylor_5129

"The Calling " by santifisher

"Tranquility " by matejmlakar

"Road Trip " by daliaa

"out west " by graceseavisuals

"Herbert Lake Serenity " by davebosen

"Iceland's Rivers and Waterfalls " by twenty_four_evan

"On the road " by julidistasio

"London Snow " by hasaanrafique

"Off the Beaten Path " by LX-Tex

"In the eyes of a Highlander. " by greghillman

"Lone bison " by alainmauviel

"Yosemite National Park " by Isaklugephotography

"Mont-St-Michel " by amazed

"Alps Mountains " by GHENii89

"Pitstone Windmill from Above " by rd66

"The driving " by vleprutt

"Stang " by MikeW

"Bison in Morning Light " by tomhausler

"To the Sky " by rubensantos

"Height of Summer " by lesleygroves

"the silence of light " by (A)mattiabonavida

" Mother and son " by (A)huudinhnguyen

"I wake up in a poem. " by (A)perlasig

"A Large Tusker. " by (A)maryannwest

"Is there Happiness down there? " by (A)carlotaandrade

"Ferris - Straight On " by (A)AllenDell

"St. Paul's " by (A)unairtens

"Waterfalls - Large " by (A)Africanashes

"sunwapvB " by (A)PaulLavoieImages