For this photo contest, we asked you to go through your photo collection and share the pictures that truly make you feel proud. It could be those stunning remote landscapes that leave you in awe, the bustling cities and charming towns you love, those heartwarming family moments you've captured, or your most impressive portrait and fashion shots and share them in this photo contest with chances to win a round trip flight to Yosemite National Park or to Yellowstone National Park.

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "I am a great friend of chaos..." by jmphotography2323

Congratulations People's Choice "Magic place" by adrianstanica

Congratulations Runner Up "Aperture" by ellamorton

Congratulations Runner Up "DSC_9345_12" by sollenaphotography

Congratulations Runner Up "Lake Tasman" by GordonKoh

Congratulations Runner Up "Okawango Delta" by valerioleone

Congratulations Honorary Mention "AFRICA 2014 1824" by sophiemorrissey_1331

Congratulations Honorary Mention "I'm invisible..." by ClaudioPiccoli

Congratulations Honorary Mention "Union Station Lighttrails" by ThanePhelan