What do you see in the sky? For this photo contest, we challenged you to show us how a mysterious night and space above can be captured with your creative eye with chances to win an Adidas gift bundle and more. From long exposure shots captured in remote locations to images captured in your backyard.

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "Night Privilege " by NiCoBoCo

Congratulations People's Choice "Billion star Hotel" by Jtrojer

Congratulations Runner Up "Belstone Stars " by Stephen-Blake-Photography

Congratulations Runner Up "Pele's Universe " by EpicByErika

Congratulations Runner Up "Joshua posando en playa de zahora bajo la via lactea " by Frank_Alferez

Congratulations Runner Up "Have a Seat and Enjoy the Show " by sgmtmi

Congratulations Honorary Mention "auroralayingdown (1 of 1) " by PaulLavoieImages

Congratulations Honorary Mention "Es Pontas and The Cave" by marcmarcoripoll