Thank you to all the photographers that shared their favorite photos showing stars in this night photo contest with chances for the winner to select from a Canon 5D MK III camera or a Nikon D5300 DSLR camera.

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"Night dreams" by (A)ivailobosev

"2018-08-09_11-26-25" by Plpictures

"Missing Perseid" by fotoneurotic

"On top " by LourdesGomez

"Stars of Crummock Water " by jameshadley

"NIK_9601-2 " by franklinabbott

"Tent above the misty valley " by MartinDolinsky

" " by alexforst

"Milky way over Rio Chama " by beamieyoung

" " by verettelucaspohti

"Puerto Galactico " by marcmarcoripoll

"“Some nights are not meant for sleeping; they are meant for talking to the stars!” ― Avijeet Das " by kiwidragonfly

"Lavender night " by Megabrain

"St Catherine's Tor By Night | Hartland Peninsula. " by LaurenceLiddy

"Australian Telescope Compact Array " by BellaImages

"Southern Cross " by peetvandenberg

"IMG_20190508_185421_421 " by dianeagar

"Quiver Forest under the Starry Sky " by ansharphoto

"“To infinity and beyond!”
~Buzz Lightyear
First, much thanks and lov " by MPG_Photos

"Plaza de los caidos " by albertoenisosbajasmoreno

"Calmness of eternity " by q-liebin

"Night at the Romantsevskie skaly " by feans

"Bixby Stars " by gourabsabui

"Road to the Galaxy " by arpandas

"The amazing Ausangate. Cusco, Peru " by sergiovindas

"User of Sky " by linodoto

"Mirror in the sand " by petersvoboda

"Path to the eternity " by daniturphoto

"Moonshadow VI " by (A)Robert222

"Parkes radio telescopes - Parkes, NSW - Australia " by dallasnock_photography

"Midnight Express " by DrewHopper

"Adventure Homr " by KRL_Photo

"Rowena Crest " by Darrenp

"Mesa Arch Milky Way " by WorldPix

"Space The Final Frontier " by sgmtmi

"Trona Sky " by ShabdroPhoto

"Wonderful night " by akphotographystudio

"Dog Rocks at night. Geelong, Australia. " by Chris_Pearce

"SpaceX Falcon 9 Iridium 4 Launch from Vandenberg AFB viewed from Avila Beach Friday evening 5:27:15pm-5:32:20pm (305 second exposure, f16 24mm(equivalent)) The bright cloud occurred when the rocket exhaust re-entered sunlight (launch was about 30m after s " by gregedwards

"Milky Way " by jimoconnor

"Night at the temple " by prajitr

"Mountain Archer " by Blionbg

"No sleep tonight " by jamiemacisaac

"Spiritual " by jamesrushforth

"Light speed on the blacktop " by CMRT84

"Elevated " by hillaryyounger

"Summer Night Reflections " by David_Blakley_Photography

"Sleeping gannets under the Milky Way on a moonlit night. It’s safe to say that they have the best views in the house! " by mrlesterchan

"Arco de los reyes " by JoseDRiquelme

"Night before the snow storm ... " by UroshGrabner

"Descending Heaven " by Nishant-101

"Night balance " by AlejandroFerrand

"Monviso by night " by Mattia_Bertaina

"RKP_2018-White Sands National Monument " by Kitsea

"Lago Di Braies Night Final " by seanewest

"Winterwonderland in April " by petrabischoff

"Lost in the Fog " by cathos1244

"The Lifeboat Station " by StuartByles

"Dreammaker at Londrangar " by Tor-Ivar

"In Flight Show " by MatthewKou

"Back To Basics " by AzuraPhotography

"The Emu Rising " by emmafleetwood

"Milkyway Pano " by Ozscapes

"Santa Maddalena... " by kbrowko

"Andes Skies " by rcscharf

"Rising Milky Way " by DanMarshall91

"Good Night, Utah " by Juliocastropardo

"Galactic cypresses " by attiliodigiangiacomo

"Traveling Lights " by ReidCollins

"Milky Way and Tree " by tcarpenter71

"Church of the Good Shepherd. " by Mike_MacKinven

"Moon Lit Star Trails " by Komainu85

"Waiting to Sail " by neilkanhai

"Wild camping " by Stephen-Blake-Photography

"0E2A2100-2 " by danielburton

"Illuminating The South " by hugovalleperez

" the star seekers " by AntonioPedroniPhoto

"Path to another world " by michaelstabentheiner

"milky way galaxy above camp " by TreverGarner

"Night Light " by KGSPhoto

"Milkyway mushroom " by alextaubin

"View of Balos cave. " by (A)grigoriskoulouriotis

"Milky Way Over Mill Creek - Cataract Covered Bridge, Indiana " by KennethKeifer

"Phosphorus (Bearer of the Light) " by antonjankovoy

"Midnight Photographer on Black Sea Coast " by atanasdonev

"Jason Tiilikainen - Star Trails In Joensuu " by Jason_Tiilikainen

"A Night That Glittered " by ShaheenUmmalil

"Old Maverick Road, Big Bend NPS " by scottsmallie

"DSC_1775 " by simalg05

"Into the wilderness " by (A)DavideBeretta

"Milkyway Lookout " by gunnarheilmann

"Rommedalen in Moonlight " by iwangroot

"Milky Way to Monument Valley " by madspeteriversen

"Eklutna Lake Sunrise 24Dec17 " by seantaylor

"Discovery " by CraigBill

"Panamint Dunes " by Dantes_View

"Sun & Stars " by Yorge

"Old loft under the MilkyWay " by (A)Gondyc

"Dolomiti Wilky Way " by hpd-fotografy

"Collado de Horcados Rojos " by pabloruizgarcia

""Alpenblick" " by pixadeleon

"GALACTIC " by bpidala

"Reverence " by ASTRORDINARY

"A night at Rila Monastery " by Theanpics

"Beam me up, Scotty! " by svennobels

"The Long Road Into the Night " by briangreenberg

"The Mindbender " by mattpayne

"Meteo Station " by (A)anz200

"Midnight at Jennie Lake " by scottywarren

"Space " by Akses

"Delight " by swqaz

"Tree in the night. " by (A)MarieJordan

"Milkyway " by H2Ofotografia

"My room with a view " by travelnthink

"Betsie Magic " by ryanshanahan

"Milky Way and Turrialba Volcano " by EduOak

"Spiral Galaxies " by stephenippolito

"Warp_Speed_2 " by (A)WAeagle

"That stellar Wanaka tree " by Nostroboy

"Pyramids under the star " by AndreaSagui

"Jervis Bay " by PetarBphotography

"Lumen de Lumine " by Mauro_Mendula

"Starry sky over the shearing shed 2 " by SHELBY23

"Ash Meadows Wildlife Preserve " by FlorendoStudioArts

"West Texas Sky " by bweeks1

"Left Behind " by DavidMBuckwalter

"Mt. bromo Star trails " by nakul

"Falling sky " by Lopez980

"Ulkabrishti " by atanubandyopadhyay

"Milkyway Night " by jacobslbchong

"Magic Bus " by toddleckie

"Chapel under the stars " by Bilderschmied-Danz

"Fortress " by ryanbuchanan

"Camping-Cliffside " by tracymunson

"Under the Cosmos " by crismagsino

"Fargo - 001 " by petercoombes

"Aurora borealis " by jansieminski

"Another World " by stephenbowker

"Drifting Across Carmel Bay, CA. Canon 6D Canon 16-35 f/2.8. 25sec 16mm 3200iso. " by darrenlovecchio

"22042018-DSC_0307-2 " by luigigreco

"Rocket Lab Launch from Castle Point " by BrendanGully

"Summer memories " by ideasdebombero

"A Night Tale " by RiccardoMantero

"Core " by templopolis

"46877719022_b81de67cea_o " by Danielvg

"Path in the sky " by Saptashaw

"Night Falls v2 " by TubbMeiko

"Wind Farm Trails " by TimHallPhoto

"Dancing in the dark " by marcocacciatore

"Milky way Castle " by IvanPedrettiPhoto

"Shangri-La Star Trails " by sdondero

"Trails Of Ruin " by ShannonRogers1

"Aurora Over Kirkjufell " by Boholm

"Painting the Night " by ManishMamtani

"Monument Valley " by (A)Leon213

"Night Dragon " by blairwacha

"Way over the Saguaro " by SaguaroPictures

"star trail " by Santa_Martha

"Hello ISS! " by albertdros

"Holiday home on the beach for all " by leonhugo

"Lares Star Trek " by sventaubert

"Exploring the Universe " by DanielKordan

"Stargate " by extremalen

"Kirkjufell Auroras " by samikohonen

"Moon Rise over Palouse Falls " by billsisson

"F150 To The Galaxy " by GigiJim08

"Kohekohe Church, Awhitu,New Zealand.6 images stitched .Sonya7rii ...Sigma 14mm f1.8 " by SarahCaldwell

"cala cipolla-milky way " by DanieleJ

"Tacking Point Lighthouse " by d_avetar

"Signal " by (A)ianchen0

" " by andreafraccaroli

"Mount Porezen " by matejmlakar

" " by AdamK

"sky from land " by (A)masudsatterrubel

"El Jardin Del Eden " by Kenny_Enriquez


" " by JudyHess

"Chasing The Dragon " by PhilipEaglesfield

"Abandoned 4 " by mark-kathryn-vegera

"DJC-7200 " by (A)Duane-Chilcott

"Armenistis " by george_kossieris

"Some in the universe " by yakushevgeniy

"CAPE SCHANCK " by (A)benzcatbagan

"Many stars and shooting star " by MatejaNjivar

"the church on highway 7 " by kelleyhurwitzahr

"Milky Way over the Judges Shack " by dnphoto

"Starry Knights " by cavazbe

"The Sparkling Maiden " by photofeel

"Heaven's Spinning " by CreationsCaptured

"The Wagon Wheel " by TaylorPhotography

"White Pocket " by rexjones

"Cottage below the mountains " by alekrivec

"Ashton memorial at night " by williamjames

"Wrapped in Milky Way nightgown " by Spitfiremichaela

"Milky Way Rising " by (A)KendraKPK

"Between the Trees " by mb_lichtbild

"Eigiau, the shoals of Snowdonia " by (A)robamsbury

" " by FlatMat

"Blue Lake " by StevesPhoto


"Beautiful Night " by Luka180

"A Snowy Canyon " by DreamCapturedImages

"Startrail at the mill " by alexriemslag

"Milky Way on the ruins of the chapel of San José " by EliecerLabory

"These nights " by VisualsofTR

"Walk this way " by kedardatta

"desert stars copy " by tazzzer62

"Cosmic Time - Eruption of Sakurajima Volcano in Japan " by NejcDraganjec

"Heaven Gates " by leonardoguglielmopapra

"Blood Wolf Moon Over the Central Valley " by DonHoekPhoto

"Star Trails | Menorca, Spain " by NicoTrinkhaus

"YAY!!! " by JenniferKapala

"Tree and Milky Way " by rjani1

"Night dreams " by (A)ivailobosev

"Under The Stars " by kylere

"Freedom camping " by gesser

"Milky Tumble " by johngregory

"stronghold " by hasmonaut

"Milky Way over the Mont Blanc. " by LukasPetereit

"90's nostalgia " by Amanda_Wakefield

"Longer trails Joshua Tree " by Everettbloom

"Fish Rock Milky Way " by jfischerphotography

"Antelope Canyon Night " by EvanHaas

"Wonders " by MaryMarino

"Cabin at night 2 " by Swen_Darwin_Cubilette

"skyyyy at its best?? " by Ramabharat

"Serie- Faro de Camarinal 2 - La bsqueda_ " by Frank_Alferez


"My chariot awaits! " by Michael_Higgins

"Haciendo trampas al sol. " by (A)@Tikinna

"Rising Stars " by Joerg

"Road to the Milky Way by Samir BELHAMRA @Grafixart_photo " by Grafixartphoto

"Night over the village " by ashtraus

"Lines and curves " by russasanov

"Elephant walks through the Milky Way " by ClintRalphPhotography

"Milky way on Perda e Liana - Sardinia " by christianscalas

"Lighthouse galaxy " by (A)jaccovanson

"Vega " by NiCoBoCo

"Frozen Night " by Ervin-Edward

"Guided by the light " by carlgmont