Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best photos showing morning's first light in the First Light Photo Contest with chances to win a Polaroid Cube and more!

A special thanks to our friend and professional photographer Sarah Marino for her collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest. Sarah Marino is a professional nature and landscape photographer, photography educator, and widely published writer. She strives to capture personally expressive photographs that convey the elegance, beauty, and awe-inspiring qualities of the landscapes she visits.Sarah, along with her husband and fellow landscape photographer Ron Coscorrosa, splits her time between Colorado and living a nomadic life in an Airstream trailer, an opportunity that allows for extensive travel, exploration, and extended stays in some of North America’s most inspiring natural places.

Congratulations People's Choice "Enjoying the view" by mberon-photography

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "Patagonia of North America" by terenceleezy

"Of all the grand landscape scenes presented as finalists for thiscontest, this scene from Terence Lee stands out. Firstthe scenery is new and fresh, bringing a sense of curiosity and wonder forthis viewer. I also appreciate that the photographer chose to present this scene in an natural way. The dramatic mountains and creek are allowed to speak the loudest, with the slight hints of color in the sky complementing the rest of the scene without being overwhelming for the viewer. The composition also shows significant care and skill in taking this scene and crafting it into a beautiful, compelling photograph." - Sarah Marino

Congratulations Amateur Winner "Dockey Wood, Ashridge" by gabornagy

"I selected this photograph as a runner-up because it shows an alternative interpretation of the contest theme. The edges of the day can be a good time to photograph smaller scenes, like this beautiful forest – not just epic landscapes under colorful light. Here, thebacklighting adds translucence and vibrance to the purple flowers and green leaves. The lighting also helps create subtle leading lines with the shadows, elevating the composition. I do wish theforeground branch was not blowing in the wind but such a minor imperfection is not enough to take away from the overall impact of this beautiful photograph. I feel like I could walk straight into this scene, smelling the fragrant flowers and feeling the warmlight. This ability to convey the feeling of a scene helps elevate this photo among the other finalists." - Sarah Marino

Congratulations Runner Up "Lake hut" by bruno001

"Photographing in the early morning does not need to include dramatic light for a photograph to be successful. Here, I appreciate the interesting but subtle light, with the lighting and mist adding depth and interest to the scene. A feeling of calm and serenity shines through, making me want to visit this place myself and contemplate sunrise over this pretty mountain lake." - Sarah Marino

Congratulations Runner Up "Morning haze" by sciepko

"In viewing the finalists for this contest, this photo stood out due to the soft mood. Here, the fog helps simplify the scene and add a sense of peace and calm. I also like that the sun is peaking through at the horizon, adding a point of interest for the viewer. This photo is a good reminder that a simple scene with only a few elements can become compelling with interesting weather and light." - Sarah Marino

"Early morning" by ricardoneves

"Sunrise over Cadillac Mountain" by Cherylgayserphotography

"First Rays of Light" by olehenrikskjelstad

"Catherine Hill Bay Sunrise" by jarrahd

"Breathtaking Rhododendron Flowers At Dawn" by Michael_

"Above the Clouds IV " by tk_photographies

"Henningsvær " by strOOp

"Morning View " by johannesnollmeyer

"A New Day Dawning" by blairwacha

"image" by deguslemon

"Sunrise at Te Mata Peak, Napier, Hawkes Bay" by anupamhatui

"Field of Gold" by W1SNU

"Beautiful Sunrise " by andreapotratz

""Yellow Minute"" by NicolaPirondini

"Beautiful Light in the Morning" by blamelessartist

"Morning Glow" by GayleLucci

"Morning Star" by duartesol

"OilJack-Sunrise AB" by raeannbonneville

"Just a Moment" by Jan_Smid

"Costão da Praia da Joaquina - Fpolis - SC" by Willian_Schneider

"Beginning to Believe" by CallieCheePhotography

"Winter" by yannicklange

"Barcelona Sunrise" by fvz12587

"Gneissic world" by Traezh

"Ephemeral Flow" by kevinhuang_6389

"Dawn At Driftwood Boneyard-Big Talbot Island" by VirginiaDan

"Enigmatic Light" by Alban-Henderyckx

"Wakes up day" by jansieminski

"Moeraki by Sunrise" by Lostspace

"A new beginning" by ManiGinji_PoeticNature

"Peek-A-Boo" by amitabh

"The Milky Way" by Wiktoria_irwin

"Sunrise over Portland Head Lighthouse" by robdubois

"Quiraing Sunrise II" by mfagadar

"Horse Head Rock" by glennbernasol

"IslandPoint_Sunset" by WAeagle

"Morning glory" by ramitdey

":: dawn" by maperick

"Sunrise at Convict Lake Resort - Surreal" by vastdreamer

"Early birds" by lindapersson

"FALL ASPEN BURST " by wolfinthewoods

"Mother nature, you're beautiful! " by replytojain

"Mount Hood Sunrise " by thesimmermon

"Red morning " by aliaumechapelle

""spät afgwacht" | "late awakening" " by ulekadei

"Fog and Sunrise II " by clfowler

"On A knife Edge " by RobJDickinson

"Sunrise at Convict Lake " by SylwiaUrbaniak

"DSC_3742 " by franklinabbott

"Norwegian mountain " by chiznowlan

"cities and light " by GiulioDiener

"Brouage, France " by 800ISO

"Reflection in water " by Prijaznica

"Breath of tranquility " by patrice-vallet

"Sunrise in Monument Valley " by kish71

"Morning at Sea " by voss

"_A050075 " by caseykirkpatrick

"Golden Sunrise " by epicphotosbyjohn

"Fire & Water " by coreyhardcastle

"Snowline " by jamesaustrums

"Red Phoenix " by Soljacker

"Lofoten Sun Rise " by MikeW

"Sunrise at the harbour. " by paaluglefisklund

"Mesa Arch Sunrise 2 Winter 2012" by jaredweaver

"Sunrise above the clouds!" by kimpaffen

"Mystic Forrest" by bjornsphoto

"Forever Lake" by DGriffiths

"Misty commute " by Mc1r

"Autumnal Lasershow" by flomotionfotografie

"Bicheno Blowhole at Sunrise" by julienjohnston

"Pink Sunrise" by ricardametllersaula

"Fire in the sky" by Gaschwald

"Vik, Iceland sunset" by AndyMaraloi

"Sunrise Celebration" by didierciambra

"Selwicks Bay Sunrise" by clone_D

"Eagle Creek Oregon" by shane_gregory_

"Sun kissed" by Lindstenfoto

"Silence in a golden-turquoise world." by Mila_Lehtimaeki

"Sunrise Beach" by chrisnaturegraphy

"Dried up" by jschmidt

"SandyMouth Sunrise" by MollyXbacon

"*** The Tuscan Hangover ***" by shutterchemistry

"Icy loch in Shetland" by liamwhelan

"High Tide" by ifarca

"First light on Lake Murten" by patricebechtiger

"Piercing Through the Tree " by jeffpudlinski