Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best street photos in this photo contest in collaboration with John Batdoff. John Batdoff's street photography books are a bit of a departure from his more technical processing-focused books. These books focus more on his mindset and approach to street photography, while fueling readers with solid tips that will hopefully make you a more confident street photographer. What John loves about street photography are the barriers of entry are low (you just need a camera) and the only limits are your creative boundaries. John Batdorff is an award-winning landscape and travel photographer and a nationally recognized authority on black and white photography. Splitting his time between Chicago and Montana, John enjoys the solitude of the countryside as well as the bustling city, finding subjects to photograph in both places. He also loves to see the world, having traveled to Africa, India and Europe, as well as 49 out of 50 United States.

Congratulations People's Choice "My Kind of Town..." by jimwatkins

"SLP_5477" by Cider_Monkey

"untitled" by SueKnight

"London busker" by Jon_Snapaway

"Summer Breeze" by Znazz

"Morning Light" by (A)kamilasliwinska

"IMG_1560-Edit" by JACJAX

"In the shadow of the church" by colinPhoto

"Playing for Us, Playing with Hope" by Andriystepanov

"Is it open yet?" by leeyates_9509

"Settimana Santa 2011" by willemkuijpers

"ted 047" by elmarrubio

"Street photo" by alexandersedov

"Lonely Man" by SeoirseBrennan

"Waiting for a coin" by RobH

"blue" by (A)markos63

"wild child" by stu-clinton

"Italian Kiss" by jessicanotelo

"Crossing" by olyfa

"Phone Booth" by Boholm

"Limerick Rain 99" by Dacemac

"Raining" by (A)Jillypops

"'What's in there?" by mehmetKOZAL

"The Old Book" by przemyslawchola

"EDIT001" by laminin

"MVB_5825-Edit-Edit" by (A)mbelev

"The rider" by carlosramos

"EYE-SPY!" by calmas5

"Street Art" by (A)janvanheerden

"Painter" by FaroukLens

"Music for Deaf" by YuliyVasilev

"Love you!" by JesusGiraldo