Thank you to all the photographers that shared their photos showing stairs going up in this photo contest in collaboration with friend and professional photographer Courtney Dailey.

As a Beauty photographer, Courtney Dailey knows the business of beauty. Based in Los Angeles, she leads teams of beauty experts creating images from prep to post. Known for her use of color, she delivers imagery that is colorful, dramatic and confident. She feels all images should communicate concepts, stories or evoke feelings. "They are a combination of imagination, creation, and practiced technique". This point of view has allowed Courtney to see Beauty from all perspectives.

Congratulations People's Choice "Ascension" by (A)DarrenMoore

"Spiral Staircase" by seamusbryans

"Spiral Melk Abby" by RDVPhotography

"The Queen's House Tulip Staircase" by benhull

"On the way up" by uyraffy

"The Spiral staircase at Heals" by WillG

"Climb" by thruartisticeyes

"Hospital Matarazzo" by SamyStClair

"Rookery" by maksym

"Path to the unknown" by frankbalzan

"Escher" by KGSPhoto

"Eckmühl elix" by (A)silviosinbad

"Stairway to Heaven" by skyeharper

"spiral stairs" by zenit

"Denmark - Escalators En Masse" by jacobsurland

"Stairway to Heaven" by kristopherrobertkurus

"Chateau La Foret" by ronaldcools

"Up to What Awaits" by JourneysInLight

"Abbaye Aux Hommes, Caen." by nigelstewart

"Grand Entrance" by mclime

"Back of House" by pauloperes

"Goat on Steps" by henryclayton

"Barcelona's Architecture" by Bronco

"Old Style Workmanship - Queen Victoria Building, Sydney" by philipjohnson

"stairup" by brianhitchcock

"Light and Shadows" by iceman2

"NINE" by calmas5

"stairs" by pnewbery

"Hogwarts ?" by paultelford

"7 Steps" by Matt-Walkley

"Auckland Train Station" by PaulConroyNZ

"Woman from above" by Passionate

"Shades of grey" by AnthonyAlpha

"Few steps to heaven..." by RobH

"stairway to heaven" by elmerjensen

"Iowa Capital Library" by clfowler

"Darling Harbour stair" by GlenMorgan

"Life lines" by Rollier

"Dramatic Stairs" by josegadea

"Edwardian Staircase" by stevepaskin

"Stairway to Heaven" by cclaude

"Yellow on Blue" by CAW

"_DSC9328" by TheoShilton