Thank you to all the photographers that participated in the Show Movement Photo Contest in collaboration with Zenfolio, sharing their best photos showing motion: objects, people, anything goes! Congratulations to the winners and finalists, and a special round of applause for the Grand Jury Winner who wins a Zenfolio 2 Year Advanced Subscription.

A special thanks to our friend and professional photographer Gino Barasa for his collaboration as a guest judge. Gino Barasa is an Austin Texas based photographer who loves stretching the truth with his work. He borrows from reality and uses it to create stunning images of the familiar.

"My Old Man " by aaronpetty

"Jump" by kenvinpinardy

"Christmas Train in Budapest" by ericcriswell

"Autumn" by tanjabrandt

"The Guardians" by marcoizzo

"*** Stand Up N Get Counted ***" by shutterchemistry

"Sun Catcher" by CliffsOcean

"Moscow subway" by denisdukhovnik

"Lime splash" by marcusmacaulay

"Fang it" by colingibbs

"Windmill on steroids !" by alexriemslag

"Ruby Throated Hummingbird" by scrum8

"Fire Wheel" by mikecrossland

"Argonaut!" by markeloper

"Cowboy Mounted Shooting" by Chris_in_CO

"Three's Company by Jerry Biddlecom" by doublehelix

"color slow shutterspeed-80" by francoisloubser

"New Orleans at Warp Speed" by dscham

"Water Buck" by (A)leeannmgoodwin

"Big Ben London" by stephenhutchison

"Remember to forget" by jelenajankovicphotography

"Making a splash!" by chrisholcroft

"Flying from Tukad Unda" by ElenaParaskeva

"Air Show 2012" by Biata

"BMW Drifting" by Fotoeffetto

"Autumnal race" by leonchyk

"Light Trails Westminster" by craigwalker

"The Redeemer" by simplybetter

"Ferrybridge_power_station_02" by gilesrrocholl

"Pro Speed" by jlvia33

"Blue Hour Line" by critter

"Little-Jumbo" by Harri

"104" by barbarahartmankirby

"In For Landing" by Tyypo

"SUM2014022G00171-Edit" by marciosuster

"in motion..." by martendphoto

"fun in the snow" by CreativeArtView

"Thunderbirds - USAF" by pauloperes

"Inundation" by bluetorus

"The dragons breath.... " by granthyatt_8031

"Bus Stop" by (A)geminatrix

"Miegakure - The Fight #6" by francescorizzato

"Winter Wonderland " by LeightonLum

"The Dam Dawn" by (A)frankvacante

"Go with the Flow" by capturetheworldd

"Sayan frontal" by PascalC

"Fire Welding" by malcolmjohnp

"Search & Rescue at Yosemite - USA, California" by acseven

"Done (16)" by rauljerez

"Silver Surfer" by thurstonphoto

"Gentoo Penguin in Gerlache" by ingeseverinsen

"Flying Speed" by chrisbuff

"DSC_1105" by debsici

"Excelsior" by kapuschinsky

"Dig it!" by Laryn_Murray

"Steer Wrestler" by julienjohnston

"Super Sci-Fi" by albertdros

"Boat Ride" by (A)nicolereber

"Nightride" by sunshinemoments

"Tyne Rush Hour" by petergreig

"Need for Speed " by jonnywilliams