For this landscape photo contest we invited you to share your best images showing the blue hour with chances to win a Polaroid Snap Touch Portable Instant and more. Your best photos taken during the time of the day before sunrise in the morning and after sunset in the evening. From nature shots to cityscapes, show us how you capture the blue hour in a creative and original way.

Congratulations Grand Jury Winer "Kinderdijk " by JoseDRiquelme

Congratulations Runner Up "Blue Morning " by jbingaman

Congratulations Runner Up "bridge " by tadejturk

Congratulations Runner Up "Trondheim " by JudyHess

Congratulations Runner Up "Golden Glow " by ianchen0

Congratulations Runner Up "While Clouds Gently Wipe Off The Light " by adrian-borda

Congratulations Runner Up "Bloue hour reflection " by saintek

Congratulations People's Choice "Magic tree " by gunnarheilmann

"Small Logo " by stevenlaudeman

"575b " by stephanoskaraoulis

" " by WiktorBaron

"Tree2 " by colleone2

" " by stevezimmerman

"Reinebringen at dawn " by LPonTour-ErikaValkovicova

"Electrifying Superstitious Night " by ChasingLightLikeMad

"Winter Wonderland " by jodiehughes

"Baikal ice " by max_st

"A Whole World In Front Of Us " by phil1

"Eilean Donan at Dusk " by Paul-Stapleton

"Spring dawn " by jamierichey

"Crawley Boatshed " by KanaPhotography

" " by KZ1300

"Raging Sea " by extremalen

"Ullswater Boathouse " by vladgphoto

"SpaceX Falcon 9 Iridium 4 Launch from Vandenberg AFB viewed from Avila Beach Friday evening 5:27:15pm-5:32:20pm (305 second exposure, f16 24mm(equivalent)) The bright cloud occurred when the rocket exhaust re-entered sunlight (launch was about 30m after s " by gregedwards

"Moon rise " by rluijten


"north magic " by noway13

"Argassi Beach " by KrisL

"Yosemite - Sun Set and Moon Rise " by chriscousins

"Hush Now " by fineartphotography

"Downtown Denver - Capitol Building " by jeanettefellows

"I " by maxsolve

"Winter Slumber - White Rock Lake " by jfischerphotography

"Blue Convict Lake " by swoop113

"Supermoon " by Jtrojer

"Reine, Lofoten " by MikeW

"city lights around 101 Tower " by Joerg

"Eye in the sky " by prajitr

"Thru the globe " by C_Rane

"Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall " by crismagsino

"DC-3 Wreckage " by garyfoss

"20180225-_MG_2977 " by iwangroot

"Living The High Life " by charlotterhodes

"NYC Full Moon Skyline " by CPonsell

"Royal festival hall " by anjiold

"Meditation Group by Lifeguard Shack " by luisurquia

"spinning sparks at lake vermillion, banff, alberta " by godriguez

"The One and the Only Half Dome " by weshardaker

"Hooker Glacier Lake / New Zealand " by SebastianWarneke

"stranded boats and that bridge " by crazyangel77

"q in the desert " by mariannedixey

"Wild camping " by Stephen-Blake-Photography

"bridges & fogg " by silviasunflower

"Diamond Beach Storm " by WorldPix

"Eternal Boulders " by Jean-Massry

"Blue Sunset " by JJGNYC

"Elgol Skye " by MaurizioCasulaPhoto

"Lightning in a Bottle " by jesdomacasse

"A Night among giants " by StuartMcMillan

"CB9AED05-7260-4329-9097-586D5A4BE579 " by RedCrow

"Vestrahorn Mountain " by motownrick

"Extrude " by WildSeascapes

"Church Over The Shannon " by naoisekelly

"Swiftly Go the Clouds " by davidgodwin

" " by Reallycrazykiwi

"MORNING MOONRISE " by bpidala

" " by NatashaHaggard

"Blue hour in Elgol " by MaryMarino

"_6104938-Edit Haleakala Volcano " by wayneobald

"Hong Kong dusk. " by lyndellanne

"Early morning Dubai streets " by LuaGrace

"Super Moon 1 8/2015 " by LauraAnnG

"image " by scottphillipson

"Lonely Mountain " by yuliastarostina

"breakers and gull spot-2 " by thammond

"In Air 6-10-13_007 B Small " by daveseye

"Dicky18 " by DanMac

"mood 2 " by adamblack

"The bund " by dragosioneanu

"Hovenring " by iriswaanders

"Desert Beauty " by SteBil30

"Blue " by ales_neumeister

"Through The Lens " by robingraves

"Long Jetty, NSW " by ThePlumber

" " by PiscesGirl

"Mary's Shell " by Robonline

"Tasman Bridge, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia " by theresaharrex

"The Blue Hour " by JoanCarsonMartelli

"Lighthouse Reflection " by ntgreen

"A7764A68-23A1-4597-8F48-331700DC07F1 " by wanderingwales

"Estelas " by Mcrlinox

"trolltunga " by hasmonaut

"Montana042613-056 " by harveyjewett

"Monument Moon " by mcampi


"Moon rocks " by tomaszspychaa

"twilight city " by alex_lauterbach

"Fisherman village Norway " by aidagri

"Hallstatt Blue " by Mbeiter

"Curved River " by pixadeleon

"From Dusk till Dawn " by raven-black

"river reach dock " by KyleForemanPhoto

"High Tide " by HamptonPhotography

"Rainy London. " by nootography

"Valensole Dawn " by alexanderhill

"Fog " by WWWest

"Reflection " by LiveInspiredByBrenda

"The Rock " by maurizioverdecchia

"Dancing House " by Rodrigueelhajj

"Cap d'Ail - Sunset " by Alexlud

"Oceanside Pier Sunset " by larrymarshall

"Feldkapelle Gluringen " by petrabischoff

"Clawmarks in the sand " by blaydenthompson

"London by night " by RalfvonSamson

"Ice Sharp at Bow River " by Bluesky25

"City Tension " by hugovalleperez

"Dubai at night " by davidyack

"Night lights " by Carlosmacr

"Montauk Moment " by MatthewKeeley

"IMG_2252 " by donnakinlaw

"Sunset " by maperick

"Camping-Cliffside " by tracymunson

"Manarola village " by nakul

"Vernazza " by VDPFreelancer

"Nugget Point Milky Way 3 " by Darrenp

"S curve " by JessaJanesPhotography

"Ruby's on the pier " by toddcollier

"Romantic Amsterdam " by massimilianoconiglio