Bird photography is both an art and a science. To truly capture the beauty of these creatures, photographers must have both creativity and technical expertise. The best bird photos are those that show the bird in its natural habitat, behaving in a natural way. This can be challenging to achieve, but the results are often stunning. Bird photography can be difficult, but it is also incredibly rewarding. Thank you to all the photographers that shared their favorite bird shots in this photo contest with chances to win a KandF Concept 68" Carbon Fiber Tripod and more!

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner " Little Owl 1 Otterbourne 2020" by Cinderellastory

Congratulations People's Choice "I am Oz, the Great and Powerful" by JakeKurdsjuk

Congratulations Runner Up "Ring-billed Gull" by Rejean_Biron

Congratulations Runner Up "Equilibrium " by rubensantos

Congratulations Runner Up "Flamenco en vuelo en Mar Chiquita " by MarcosLozada

Congratulations Honorary Mention "Snowy Owl " by tomingramphotography

Congratulations Honorary Mention "Burrowing owlet" by smkeena