Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best photos showing editing techniques in the Post Editing Magic Photo contest with chances to win a Mobile Printer and more!

A special thanks to our friend and professional photographer Nicky Hamilton for his collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest. Nicky Hamilton (British, born 1982), is a photographer and former Head of Art at leading advertising agency M&C Saatchi. His method is highly filmic, designing and building elaborate sets to create pictures of extraordinary detail and narrative. His work explores characters’ emotional states by playing with performance and symbolism in order to produce deeply evocative moods.

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "Fall" by laurenstanley

"For being very well crafted in post production and conceptually this connected with me." - Nicky Hamilton

Congratulations Runner Up "A very real story in my imagination" by odedios

"Very nice composition and connection between he subjects. Very good post production work too." - Nicky Hamilton

Congratulations Runner Up "Facets of Art Nude Modelling" by stephenwong

"This stood out for me amongst the mass of highly retouched entries for it’s brutal simplicity of thought and execution, using post production to execute the idea rather than smother it." - Nicky Hamilton

Congratulations Amateur Winner "Illusions" by LucaWho

Congratulations People's Choice "Rainy day" by Loza

"The Seeker" by exploredexposure

"A.Wake" by Diogo_Pereira

"Ghoul" by levsavitskiy

"SINNER" by markusalexander

"| BEHIND THE REALITY |" by Franziskus

"Anastasiya" by klepikovadaria

"Sticking it to the Man (of steel)" by emmafleetwood

"Light and Dark" by CasaBay_Photo

"Beast Mode " by dellaina

"The Moon's a Balloon" by imeldabell

"Hang" by davelord

"Chasing fairies " by stephaniecomeau

"Two sides of the same coin" by Bastetamon

"Christmas train" by ales_neumeister

"The Pounce" by dakoch

"'Peaceful Contemplation'" by CarleyShellyPhotoArtistry

"Catching Peace" by AlissaBethPhoto

"Awakening" by tammyswarek

"Midnight Train" by nhdphoto

"Dispertion" by porlusatmaelstrom

"the calling" by godriguez

"Alien Portrait" by fidfoto

"In the blink of an eye" by AnastasiaRi

"Elsa" by RadovanBartekPhotographer

"E ticket Ride" by greghadel

"Ruflled" by MiguelMartins

"Progression of Grace" by kirillburyak

"Mother Nature" by sjholbert

"Solitude. " by page_pierce-kuepper_6969

"be quick or be dead" by kutlu

"Little Red Riding Hood Is in Trouble" by scarlettnjo


"Alien love" by CreativeArtView

"_GMP4658-Edit" by GlenMorgan

"Rock Climber " by Kenji

"Whale dancing " by alanclimb

"journey " by SonyaAdcockPhotography

"HEADACHE " by nikosladic

"Lilaia " by siegart

"Kelpies composite - v4 " by dereksouter

"Dangerous sky " by sergiibravissimos

"Take Me Away - 001 " by JKPeters

"Just a puppet " by Nixx

"Wanda " by srahwinter

"Best friends forever " by Victoria_Anne

"Curiouser and curiouser... " by chloegrayson

"Shoes. " by ellestaples

"Burning Imagination " by Michaelaloye

"A Touch of Magic " by VHiggins

"Lilith " by Axe101

"~ Stealth ~" by DeanYounger

"Fairytale" by Annelisenicolephotography

"Close Up Orange Eyes" by jbryanpearson

"forgotten realms" by alorin

"Plane Shot" by RYANDUNCAN

"Poker Face" by crackedegg

"Pour Moi?" by sharonwilliams_9316

"Alone In The Dark" by RobertGaines

"Rendezvous " by PriscilaOctavianaBadalut

"Sirens " by CarriAngel

"Attack of the Booty Snachers " by CurtisReese

"Rise from the Ocean " by aylacroft

"14500504_964111400364162_7485893588680856600_o " by LittleSkullPhotography

"”The Sorceress” " by gracealmera

"PhotoSynthetic- Candle Hand " by Lewis-C-Whittaker

"Turning to Grey " by lukegram

"Communion " by spARTiat_de

"Possibly the most beautiful swing in the world? " by Alexannphoto

"gripo " by DEEphotograph

"... " by magorzatakuriata

"Revealed " by ewill

"Welcome to Winter " by ntgreen

"On The Threshold of a Dream " by kellyrobitaille

"The CURVE " by KoreaSaii

"HenryRottnest" by kurioko

"Mistery Smoke" by akphotographystudio

"Need for speed" by StefanWitte

"Rapunzel" by agnieszkafilipowska

"The Maiden and the Dove" by HeidaHB

"IMG_2380 G" by Alexander_Sviridov

"Black & Gold" by Carlos_Santero