Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best shot showing adventure in the outdoors in this photo contest in collaboration with Focal Press. The difference between getting the shot and missing the shot comes down to split seconds and how you manage your gear and your technique. In Outdoor Action and Adventure Photography professional adventure sports photographer Dan Bailey shows readers how to react quickly to unfolding scenes and anticipate how the subject and the background might converge. Capturing those significant moments to produce powerful imagery that evoke the feel and mood of adventure requires specialized skills and a wide variety of creative ideas.

A special thanks to friend and professional photographer Dan Bailey for his collaboration as  a guest judge: "I’ve been a full time adventure, travel and location photographer since 1996. Before turning pro, I worked as a photo editor for a Boston stock agency, which gave me a solid understanding of how to communicate with art directors and produce the kind of stunning, high quality imagery that today’s highly visual world demands."

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "Climbing at Cinque Torri" by jamesrushforth

"As an adventure photo, this shot has it all- Dramatic wide angle perspective and a unique vantage point that brings you in close and still shows the environment, great expression of determination on the climber, powerful body position, and an compelling background that tells a story.The subject matter draws your eye back and forth, and the composition tells a great story. Also, I'm a climber at heart and I just love the feel of this image. It's a type of photo I can see shooting myself" - Dan Bailey 

Congratulations Runner Up "Dig it!" by Ren_Murray

"Good action photography is all about capturing the decisive moment, and the photographer really nailed it with this shot. It's got great timing, awesome expression and body positioning and wonderful light, which includes the use of secondary fill light. Pulling off this shot required a mastery of technical and creative considerations, a high level of camera proficiency and a good eye. Great job!" - Dan Bailey 

Congratulations Runner Up "Skier in the fresh powder." by StephaneDelecluse

Congratulations People's Choice "_DSC4526 copia" by Lopez980

"I love the feel of this photo! Adventure photography is about bringing the viewer into imaginative places, and this shot does that very well. Most of us don't usually see this kind of environment, and the photographer brings us out of our comfort zone into a whole new world.  This composition uses very strong main and secondary subjects and it uses a very haunting viewpoint to tell the story. Also, the monochromatic color scheme of only blue contributes to the otherworldly look and feel of the scene. " - Dan Bailey 

"Surfer Girl Getting Air" by DugzPhotos

"On Steep Ground" by EdwardMcCrea

"Wave Runner Stunt" by jimhaycock

"skookumchuck narrows (51 of 241)" by paulkendall

"Spirited" by PeterLombard

"Umbria wreck" by longiMANUs

"Bare Feet First" by JacobRiglin

"Trials Bike" by karlredshaw

"Mt Hood Flashlight Play" by kevincowley

"Dope Fluid" by crippledangle

"Ice climb-2" by bagsgroove

"untitled" by Jessc

"In the search for unknown." by nevindclimber

"Above Timber Land" by austinnightengale

"Ride in the sunset" by calebsadler

"Beach Runner" by RobinODonnell

"Surfing upside down" by zkrol

"I Can Fly!" by rsmseymour

"Up" by Ashleyslr

"John S in the Green Room" by JCSphoto

"Air" by zebwakely

"Tongariro Crossing" by robinkuyper

"Wall of Water" by rexjones

"Owens River Gorge-03" by bobsube

"IMG_8936" by brandonnixon_0945

"Camp on the volcano Etna" by marcocalandra89

"Trefil" by Wayne_DC

"Kowabunga Dude!!" by geminiroze

"The Fall" by margaretgaines

"I've got you, partner!" by BrYangle

"Heres Looking At You " by PatricaK

"IMG_8834" by danmatthewman

"Jeff Banks - Vertical Bike & Rider_1326" by AllenDouglasPhotos

"peace" by nicoleconditduncan

"Flip it" by juliantej

"Entranced by light" by OutdoorFLcreations

"Stunt Bike" by SarahBurns

"Into the Wild" by christinemeerman-cooper

"Sea Cave Hammocking " by vb2614

"Kukulkan divers" by gerardobonilla

"Angel's Landing Trail" by hannahjor

"IMG_20150728_233128" by adam81

"untitled" by SandyLSmith

"Tipping point." by samparsons

"ambition" by kristenhaveman

"Jake Halloway" by nikonjon

Fleeing the Ocean" by NaturallyMitchRothman

"Tristen's a bad ass" by simpledesertgirl

"Happy skydiver " by pilapix

"A man in front of the sun 2" by mickaeltournier

"Lake Skimming" by sdkmax

"Surfing at Sunset" by crystaljohnson_7387

"The Wedge" by FlorendoStudioArts

"High and Tight" by Hanger18

"Riding the Rail" by KellyHeadrick

"Working In The Dirt" by tonybruguiere

"In the caves of St Johns" by oksanavashchuk

"Go down" by Mamat

"Flip it " by kevtbl

"Air baloons over Cappadocia" by zenit

"Flyboard2" by joecas

"Jump!" by evgenyvasenev

"Base camp " by DustinPenman

"Self Portrait" by neilbarr

"Serene" by douglasdrouin

"Surfer" by KanaPhotography

"Fast and Furious 2 in the big water" by brentmorris

"Shark Photo Shoot" by TanyaHouppermans

"Steer Wrestler" by julienjohnston

"up" by dudepash

"f10bis" by Ma77eoVolpi

"IMG_6955" by amyml

"Upside Down" by jimmoon_8772