Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best photos showing pets in the Only Pets Photo contest with chances to win Focus Shifter and more!

A special thanks to our friend and professional photographer Ashley Sprankles for her collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest. "Hey Everyone! I am Ashley Sprankles and I am part of the ViewBug social media team. I make videos about Food and Stories/Advice on Life! I make Mukbangs, Food Review and More!"

Congratulations People's Choice "chocolate meets autumn" by stadthunde-erfurt

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "Loulou " by lynefournier

Congratulations Runner Up "Sleeping beauty " by asyrafariffin

Congratulations Runner up "Dafne " by Lopez980

"Cora " by sarahbrhl

"Jungle Cat" by sabrinawob

"Boo" by aliceloder

"Friends forever!" by tierpfoto

"Lily the Hedgehog" by gondmagdi

"I'm keeping this-1-3" by kathyallison

"Hide and seek" by jollyvicky

"The young Gunner" by ClaudioPiccoli

"German Shepherd Puppy" by kmoraru

"Ralph The Snow Cocker" by SOVisualSam

"Thirst" by lifearound

"_Z7A0109All Wet" by bonjoy

"Street cat" by Nikolishin

"Percel 2 " by photobynorb

"Bathtub Standoff." by Maddhatter

"Curiosity" by HenrikSpranz

"Innocence" by GigiJim08

"Bevo" by GoodmanPhotog

"puppy kisses" by Andreamartinphoto

"Barnaby the Labradoodle puppy 'in flight'!!" by andrewverdie

"love for a little pet" by froirivera

"Hagrid" by magorzatakuriata

"Hiding in trees" by ViolettaMaciejewski

"Bailey " by MattSelbyPhotography

"New Year's Eve Dinner" by alessandropo

"Rescued Beauty" by inesleonardo

"Shiva - New Family Member" by miguelantunes_8885

"BALL!" by DobermanDuo

"Sheriff, the 9 year old setter." by ariebruinsma

"I Promise I Will Be Good" by LisaPipella

"Autumn playtime" by Jtrojer

"untitled" by Anneliese-Photography

"rudy " by gbutts1121

"Hard Resting Rocky " by chriskrzak

"Odi_2012-12-09_ff " by erikthomas

"Kitten 3 " by ERoche

"... " by rebecca812

"Bulldog Nap Time " by MitchellWentzell

"Trust " by whiteshipdesign

"Missu " by Amynoza

"bal-5 " by gertjannolsen

"Fen " by robatkins

"Furry Newborn " by tonyawilhelm

"Lynx Point Kitty " by rmorrisonphoto

"Criminal Mischief " by nickjacquot

"Don't leave me boys " by Hud1ai2

"June 6 2017 - Olive's Pine Cone " by CassaraHealey

"Haïki " by JeffAlexander

"Chico by Paco van Leeuwen " by pacovanleeuwen

"Diesel " by doggietalesphoto

"New Friend " by causettadawn

"Autumn memories" by ceciliazuccherato

"Tito" by gorancipar

"Dinner Stretching" by czegevarra

"Bob Kat" by melissa3339

"Portos" by cgnPhoto

"All mine" by melissadoggycamp

"The Grass is Always Greener.." by Matt__Connors

"It's a Doggies Life " by PieterPietersPhotography

"Hutch " by mateobrigande

"Nap Time " by ImagerVisuals

"Rum " by diegoantonelli

"Ball boy " by jennycameron

"Rhodesian Ridgeback " by Fotostyle-Schindler

"Best Friend " by PhotographyByShannon

"Sad little puppy " by

"Princess " by ScheiMedia

"Half bengal cat " by nicolasbernaln

"Bonnet Dog " by gbrunken

"Out of the darkness into the light " by janehodges