Emerald_Wake May 20, 2012
great idea for opposites :) like it
iBurn May 20, 2012
Really good capture and excellent concept!
eskimotwila May 20, 2012
OUTSTANDING b/'s spooky that I just photographed my dog "Jack" and my cat "Bella" in the same situation...except Bella caught a mouse and brought it to the tub to play with. And Jack was watching...I'll have to post it!!!!
otheses May 28, 2012
fotogalmexican May 29, 2012
superb i predict a winner here for the opposites contest
rachmonte June 02, 2012
Love this! Voted. Good luck!!
kphall June 02, 2012
Love of my favorites!
llamasinpajamas June 02, 2012
This is great! Voted.
eskimotwila June 04, 2012
Still my fav...voted!
ArtQ June 06, 2012
nice, Voted!
allyie June 06, 2012
Love this!!! Cute and creative :)
MKJPhotography June 12, 2012
Awesome! Congrats!
DebashisTalukdar June 12, 2012
That is really cute - and a terrific idea for Opposites!
Love it!
takad June 12, 2012
nicely done, congrats
rachmonte June 12, 2012
Congrats! Worthy image!!
MichelleAnnHarrison June 12, 2012
AlanC June 12, 2012
Awesome shot! Congras for the win!!!! What an funny picture. ;-) Woof!
juliantej June 12, 2012
Simply amazing!
Good work.
Keep on.
SarahKeates June 12, 2012
Awesome capture! Congrats!
kphall June 12, 2012
Congrats...I knew I loved's a favorite!
djensen June 12, 2012
This is great! Congrats on the win!
yelay52 June 12, 2012
Great photo! congrats!
kellybean96 June 12, 2012
haha this is so cute and creative, great shot and congrats!
Saskia June 12, 2012
Great shot, love the ears and expression on the cat's face! Congrats on your win :0)
JoanieP June 12, 2012
congrats , this is great .
tsambaproductions June 12, 2012
oyanborneo June 12, 2012
Wayne_Sr June 12, 2012
Fantastic B&W Capture! Congratulations on your Win! :~)
bud82520 June 13, 2012
Congrats...very original photo
ninirocklover June 13, 2012
great shot!! :P love it
JDLifeshots June 13, 2012
Awesome capture! Congrats.
Marian June 13, 2012
Awesome capture! Congrats on your win!
kkat June 13, 2012
What a great photo!! Sure fits the theme. Looks like they're having a stare off! Congratulations!
melda June 13, 2012
JennyS June 13, 2012
Fabulous image CONGRATULATIONS :)
Marie123 June 13, 2012
So cute! Congrats
PSJPhotography June 13, 2012
Love it! Congratulations!
Lush June 13, 2012
Great Capture!!!
melissajbanks June 13, 2012
Congratulations! Great image
sasi_cyborg June 14, 2012
fantastic capture
tsambaproductions June 14, 2012
congrats again
murcuduca June 14, 2012
berrydavid73 June 14, 2012
cute congrats
catini June 14, 2012
Nice, congrats on your feature!
MichelleAnnHarrison June 14, 2012
ornani June 14, 2012
great capture
DearTam June 14, 2012
Awesome! Just too cute and the photography capture is great too!
ArtQ June 14, 2012
CraigWest June 14, 2012
Terrific shot and caption. Congrats on the feature.
JonHurdWildImage June 14, 2012
hey congrats!
iceman2 June 14, 2012
TAHammer June 14, 2012
Great POV, excellent capture, congratulations on your feature
Carli June 14, 2012
aaaw, so cute! lovely shot! congrats :D
bcawood June 14, 2012
Great shot, so well timed!:)
buttercup96 June 14, 2012
congratulations :)
DavidAdler June 14, 2012
Wonderful capture--well seen, great POV considerably adds to the humor, B&W treatment well suited to subject and ambiance.
edazz June 14, 2012
Nice shot, funny standoff.
Sturch June 14, 2012
Love this. Love the title! Great job.
jgalarza70 June 14, 2012
wow didn't this also win an award for the opposites contest. Very nice. Congrats.
herezdeb June 14, 2012
Great shot! I've seen that look before...and smile everytime I see it. Congrats on the opposite contest!
cycyak1 June 14, 2012
I LOVE this!
ManCorMac June 14, 2012
stillmovingphotographs June 14, 2012
Streekie June 14, 2012
Ha ha!!! Timing is everything!!
ginachacha June 14, 2012
great compostition! Congrats on feature
Amiqdadi June 14, 2012
great work...congrats
kittylegs June 14, 2012
great shot, congrats
nitti June 14, 2012
Excellent work. This brings on a smile. Congrats
LoriLynn13 June 14, 2012
Great shot! Congrats!
Duchess June 14, 2012
love this well done
fotogalmexican June 14, 2012
i predicted this winner!!!!! CONGRats
herownstory June 14, 2012
Too cute! Love it! Congrats!!!!!!
LizOSullivan June 14, 2012
Love it. Congratulations
dlanyer84 June 14, 2012
cute! congratz!
MooreMemories17 June 14, 2012
Great capture! Love it!
kesdarwin June 14, 2012
I love it! Well done!
KCraine June 14, 2012
haha nice
carleta400 June 14, 2012
I love, love , love it!
Jeanne713 June 14, 2012
Very cute! Congrats!!
tissa7 June 14, 2012
this is an adorable photo!
foto3la11 June 14, 2012
So sweet! Congratulations on your FA!
Tainia_Finlay June 14, 2012
Hearty congrats! Brilliant image! :)
harrysulistio June 14, 2012
brilliant shot, congrats on your feature!
mac2279 June 14, 2012
RodneyKoch June 15, 2012
Congrats! Great concept and capture! Well deserved.
disneymamom June 15, 2012
Sooo cute.. congrats on feature and win!!
DebbieMahorney June 15, 2012
Very nice. Love it.
Amiqdadi June 15, 2012
congrats...great work
eskimotwila June 15, 2012
allyie June 15, 2012
I knew you would win!!! :D
trista7510 June 15, 2012
Congratulations. Nice shot and great in black and white. I have a kitty and puppy and when the kitty gets in the tub, the puppy barks at her because he is too small to get up on the tub to get at her, ha. Anyway great job.
Wayne_Sr June 15, 2012
Congratulations on your Feature Photo!
Mensi June 16, 2012
Just fantastic!
jesusfreak3520 June 16, 2012
This shot is fabulous! Definitely one of my favorites! Congrats on the win and feature!
sherrymarie June 17, 2012
Haha! This is great!
crmacedonio June 19, 2012
Simple and nice. Great work.
aliusmanwahyuhidayat June 19, 2012
Nice Work!!!
steo June 20, 2012
great photo
Reef June 20, 2012
Perfect shot!
DianeCArtography June 20, 2012
This is awesome! Congrats!
katedid2 June 21, 2012
Very nice.
jamiestrong76 June 21, 2012
Love it!!
RoseSmith June 21, 2012
Great shot
romansgallery June 22, 2012
great photos and good idea

EmmaHoch2000 June 22, 2012
Very creative!LOL, that is just adorable!!!:)
gercon June 22, 2012
nicolebooth June 23, 2012
Love it! Congrats.
ediaguirre June 23, 2012
DAPhotography June 25, 2012
Great capture. Congratulations on being Featured & your win on the bundle.
CecilyH June 26, 2012
This is brilliant well done!
bryanblackphoto June 27, 2012
awesome shot! :) It's fricken adorable
Jewel July 12, 2012
So cute!!! Great shot, congratulations on your win!
photobughug123 July 23, 2012
How adorable this is. Great shot!
dutchmanstl1 August 08, 2012
Frostwings August 10, 2012
Haha! Awesome! Great job capturing this without them noticing--if I'd tried to take this photo, they would have seen me trying to get a good angle and just run away! Keep up the good work!
rkperry215 August 12, 2012
Congrats! Great shot!
Spookarific August 22, 2012
Fab capture :)
carollena September 02, 2012
love it!
emilypiltzer September 02, 2012
SO cute!
michelebantag September 04, 2012
very nice
gyps76 September 04, 2012
lol love this
ADesign October 09, 2012
Animals are for the heart as they say. These two make me smile regardles whats going on or how bad. Take care of them..
graceborrelli December 22, 2012
Great shot! So cute!
limar1974 January 04, 2013
this is so cool!nice capture!
BrunoCote January 14, 2013
Good Work, Congratulation !
jaywoolwine January 28, 2013
I think Jack might be in trouble
Barbarakeichel February 16, 2013
This is great!
mistyvkirsch February 26, 2013
Way to Adorable! Great Shot
photosue50 March 18, 2013
Cute shot
arvakshane June 04, 2013
I love the way you composed this standoff...
debbiekeithhellems October 05, 2013
that is just too cute!
vsidles October 14, 2013
PhilipCarnevale October 22, 2013
Brilliant b/w!
suecondon November 18, 2014
I've seen that look! Love this, excellent capture!
sweetpea72 December 10, 2014
how cute..Congrats! ")
Capture-Life December 10, 2014
bahahha shouldn't the roles be reversed here!?? :):) LOOOVE this to bits!!! Huge Congrats!!! 8)
bwright December 10, 2014
Priceless capture.
SnowbunnyPhotography December 10, 2014
LOL! funny! Who won?? I think the cat did. She looks fierce! hahaha! I absolutely love this shot. Congrats on all the awards!! :-)
CLCoker December 11, 2014
Perfect timing! So cute!
PatricaK December 11, 2014
congrads. This photo reminds me of my roomates cat and my dog. A love hate relationship. They had stand offs like this all the time.
natashasioss December 11, 2014
elfiedwards December 11, 2014
congrats on being a finalist!! this is such a great image! would love it on a canvas in my bathroom! do you sell the print?? C O N G R A T S!!
blueberrydragon December 24, 2014
lol this is so cool!Congrats on being a finalist!
viewbug_georgem January 03, 2015
Who will blink first?
Ayersphotography March 14, 2015
Love it!
Roach1969 September 15, 2015
Great capture. Great shot. Thanks for entering my challenge :D
BrunoHeeb January 22, 2016
absolutely amazing shot,loooooove your style
acglock February 07, 2016
Possession is 9/10 of the law! Lol!
Brad-DoChara March 15, 2016
Brilliant!! Love it so much!! :D congrats on a deserved people's choice award!!
joycealicesmith March 15, 2016
Fantastic capture! There is so much going on in this, it's priceless! Congratulations on a very deserved People's Choice!
ByRenee June 02, 2016
Such a great shot. You have captured the thoughts and the interaction between the two animals perfectly, well done
evelynbrezina June 20, 2016
Hilarious!!! Perfect timing!
EleventhAndQueensStudio July 16, 2016
DaveLoucks August 19, 2016
You have to be very quick to find your camera to get a shot like this, delightful perfection
Bobwhite October 03, 2016
Brilliant capture, congratulations on your win
Pamelabole October 03, 2016
Hahaha.....!!!!!! What a great capture....I sure hope your dog keeps his/her nose out of reach.....kitty doesn't look very happy! Lol!!! Congrats on your challenge win!! : )
Smiffy October 04, 2016
Congratulations on People's Choice - well deserved - very humorous ! Eileen
Stellasview December 09, 2016
Ba ha ha!! Love this!!
iluv2shoot August 30, 2017
Great b/w capture! My last comment accidentally deleted for some reason. I wanted to ask...are you interested in selling a print of this capture on VB? My niece is going to vet school, and she would love to hang this photograph :)
randalpair January 23, 2018
This reminds me of the photo by James Flad titled "Bert's Bath." Anyone who does not know it should look it up.
benjaminio January 27, 2018
I love this, looks like Sir is in for a cuff!
nkosakowski February 04, 2018
Oh I love that this is in black and white!

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May, 2012

Bathtub Standoff.

Bella (cat) and Sir Hobo Jack (dog) having a standoff in the bathtub.

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