A special thanks to all the photographers that shared their best shots showing their city in this photo contest with chances to win a Rode On-Camera Microphone, a Tabletop Manfrotto Tripod and more!

We appreciate the collaboration of friend and professional photographer Adelīna Darviņa for her collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest. Adelīna started her photo career as a wedding and commercial photographer for Latvian market gaining over six years of experience in both wedding and commercial photography. In the past years she has been interested in photography as a part of a research method.

"One night more in Gotham " by jacksoncarvalho

"Nanpu Bridge " by smijh

"Fenced In " by albaker

"Landhausschiff ULZB " by robsch

"Winter in Ålesund " by nikolaydimitrov

"Density " by johnkimwell

"Amsterdam and thousand light " by juriypirro

"Manhattan skyline, New York " by larrymarshall

"Finding Order in Chaos " by crismagsino

"Winter in the city " by runeaskeland

"Enter the warp " by gkossieris

"Windy City " by gourabsabui

"Sunrise by the mill "De Adriaan" " by costasganasosphotography

"Reflections of Melbourne " by JRosewarne

"IMG_7459 " by joedesanto

"Super Moon Over Downtown Columbus, Indiana " by tonyvasquez

"Reitdiephaven, Groningen, The Netherlands " by lennartkoopsen

"Diorama " by Jellyfire

"Sunrise in Brooklyn, #manhattanbridge #manhattan #brooklynbridge #brooklyn #dumbo #nyc #lovenewyork #visitnewyork #nycphotographer #sunrise #hudsonriver #brooklynpark #longexposure #longexposurephotography #photopills#canonofficial #canonprofessional #can " by russellwaite

"Up Top " by 3to2

"Ocean Village Southampton " by simonwoodwardphotography

"The Quays - Dublin City " by naoisekelly

"FF3A6DE1-4ED8-4A32-8358-4D7836E6FE6B " by Peterpanbean

"Tower bridge " by adi83

"Explore " by Dameon

"Havenhuis " by svennobels

"Limerick Rain 99 " by Dacemac

"Bath by night. " by Alkalloyd

"Urban Spaceship " by Photovojac


"Château d'eau du Peyrou " by johannesoehl

"Hazy DTLA " by ShabdroPhoto

"Blue hour reflections my city liverpool " by johncheetham

"New York City at night. " by Danielvg

"Sunrise in Paradise " by ArtbyArt

"Castres " by amazed

"Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II " by nonseireale83

"Crush the Canals " by jmurre

"Baron Palace gate " by OmarAdelRagab

"Lonely Man " by JorgeBrennan

"Rivertown " by JBaptista

"Story of the night " by miladsafabakhsh

"London eye x 2 " by Signefotar

"1 " by (A)ales_neumeister

"Lisbon... Muse of poets " by (A)anaritaferreira

"Breathing Underwater " by (A)mjhousto

"Downtown miami " by nelsonperez

"Una Noche Con Vos " by (A)s_cavazos

"NY " by (A)mityaika

"Museum Of Islamic Art " by (A)MangGusting

"high society " by (A)ryancrane

"light trails " by (A)aquirosc

"BBC sports-6 " by gohernayab

"From above " by (A)AllenDell

"One day in London " by Ivan_Bertusi

"Moscow City " by klepikovadaria

"Strokes of Sunlight " by vincentfennis

"Boston sunset " by (A)andreafanelli

"Berry " by Annahem

" " by dpgoldphotos

"Slaves of Time " by YuliyVasilev

"Stop Light " by ashleysowter

"Lighting up Twigs " by Eric_Dany

"Downtown Dubai. " by LukasPetereit

"Golden Glow " by (A)ianchen0

"Villefranche Sur Mer " by Alexlud

"Red Bull challenger Daniel Ryfa above Abu Dhabi " by pilapix

"Labyrinth " by timezone

"Tower bridge " by alechickman

"Vancity Vintage " by seanschuster

"Fly Grace fly " by Dangulol

"NICE " by Missklik

"Deep Field Silhouette " by OmnableCreative

"Unbroken " by menxcuizon

"Ponte di Sant'Angelo " by AngeloPerrone

"B&W Bridge " by N1ckBaker

"a famous postcard " by diegobaravelli

"Prague Sun. " by JuanPablo-deMiguel

"Liverpool Streets 1 " by Badgrandad

"Day of the Dead " by peternestler

"number 36 " by (A)TimSmith67

"Bridge to Nowhere " by jaredweaver

"Sky over George Washington Bridge " by ImagesbyStina

"Frozen City " by Eye_Shoot_Images

"Shaftesbury, Dorset " by kasi3ka

"Havana " by vladimirchuyko

"Icon " by WildSeascapes

"City of Angels " by rexjones

"" And I miss you, like a desert miss the rain.." " by JCPhotoPro1

"Un anno dopo " by Dflorenzi

"The Burj Khalifa " by Martin_A

"Waking up " by alvarosj

"I_amsterdam " by StefanLueger

"PAM_2913-0184 " by Pablo-Klik

"METROPOLIS " by nenadspasojevic

"Gotham " by jaycohen

" " by robfaubertphotography

"Golden Hour in Brussels " by powwpic

"Fog & alone " by maraleite

"Escape from the darkness " by Blionbg

"City " by (A)TienSangKok

"*** Autumn Bottom *** " by shutterchemistry

"MANAHATTAN " by marekbiegalski

"Fall Break Got Me Going like... " by mea115546

"Chicago Skyline and Breakwater v2 " by jim_barbour

"Top-of-the-Eye " by phillip_brossette

"Family History " by stephenippolito

"Living In High Water " by VeniceArt