Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best images in the My Best Shot Photo Contest Vol 3 with chances to win a Canon 5D MK III and more!

A special thanks to our friend and professional photographer David Carlier for his collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest. David Carlier is based in Switzerland. Therefore his playground has mainly been the Alps at the beginning of his carrer, bouncing from mountain activities to white water sports depending on the season. Nowadays, David works on international projects all around the world, and his inspiration comes from Mother Nature and unique lighting situations.

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "Mystic Morning " by Richard-Beresford-Harris

Congratulations Runner Up "Crashing Light " by patrickmarsonong

Congratulations Runner Up "New york skyline" by glennbernasol

Congratulations Runner Up "Yawning " by JingruLuo

Congratulations Runner Up "Illuminated Cove, Malin Head " by markAPR

Congratulations Runner Up "Hug " by cameliasopon

Congratulations Runner Up "untitled" by johnthorburn

Congratulations Runner Up "Gullfoss Sunset " by Tor-Ivar

Congratulations Runner Up "Bellezza nera " by HENSHAW_photography

Congratulations People's Choice "We are one." by robertmatakovic

"Lone Night" by paulmp

"Sunset at Boccale Castle " by emanuelebaroncelli

"Misty Roads" by simondobsn

"Autumn" by bridgephotography

"Bow Fiddle Rock Sunset_" by valdi

"housewife" by da-miane

"Prestige " by Kavanthekid

"Horaire D'hiver " by ezradburton

"Defense mode ON" by thefrogeye

"Lonely" by AntonioBernardino

"Owls in love" by lesarnott

"Perfect Light" by craigboehm

"Epiphany" by SebastianWarneke

"Hawaiian Sunrise - Oahu 2" by rheebird

"flight line ready" by ShmCrkPhotos

"Stance" by rabjaffar

"Arnarstapi" by philipslotte

"Impressive Deer" by Evi_Verstraeten

"Fox Fun" by meganlorenz

"Sunset Cliffs – San Diego" by thomaszagler

"Emerlad Lake, Ruby Canoe" by Katielyons96


"Svetlana" by JackHoier

"And i will waiting for you .." by Marcin_Rutkowski

"Eurasian Eagle Owl In Flight " by beepersbud

"Stand out from the Crowd " by JonDavatzPhotography

"Cute Racoon " by dasBildprojekt

"Mount Moran " by jasonosborne

"ROMANTIC " by yuliantopongge

"Fractured Worlds " by joseramos

"Leopard " by JacoUys

"Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park " by CelestineAerden

"Lay Me Down " by paulbarson

"Dog in Truck " by Sookool

"Puny_Humans " by keithtalbot

"Lisbon... Muse of poets " by anaritaferreira

"R1045586d " by emavitale

"St. Thomas Church II " by nikosladic

"Hamnoy and Aurora " by maximletovaltsev

"Louvre Sunset " by sebdows

"The lady of the water. " by mattiabonavida

"Okawango Delta " by valerioleone

"Black Label Society II " by stefannielsen

"Curious & Friendly " by Linda49

"The Cerro Torre " by WildEssence

" Manuela Rangel " by crisgomezphoto

"waterfall " by Andre11

"Barentsburg " by sabinakassoumova

"Easy Jump " by zquentin

"Royal Lounche" by fredwormsbecher

"The three Bears" by frankiej7

"Huangshan Magic" by billsisson

"Rocks in Her Boot" by BobL73

"IMG_7325" by michellevallese

"Affric Rainbow" by Vemsteroo

"Black Skimmer" by OutbackPhotoAdventures

"Winter Merlin" by jamieburris

"Bald Eagle" by DaveKommel

"Natural zip" by fabrizioferraris

"Lucky Strike" by SaguaroPictures

"Golden Hour." by plan_z

"Estuary Short-Ear in Flight " by stevelarge

"Self Portrait with my pet " by doina-domenicacojocaru

"Motherhood " by scottwickward

"Young Learner " by zayyarlynn

"sleep under the sky " by kenopictures

"The Mara Six " by AndyHowePhotography

"Spring Break " by BRIN

"Rock Climber " by Kenji

"The Strait " by joaorico

"Mount Bromo " by kenvinpinardy

"Enter the Dragon " by pmed20

"Light carrier " by ellu

"Patience " by Joecf

"Ice Cool " by PaulWatsonPhotography

"Finding Paradise " by crismagsino

"Angelina " by gcphotographyAU

"Blue hour at Glacier Point " by jasongerard

"Mr. X " by WWWest

"Passion Play " by dianamehrez

"The Cathedral " by ChrisWilliamsEXP

"Lasso " by Katherinelynnphotography

"Stella " by LittleSkullPhotography

"Kings " by PaulinaAramburo

"PSX_20170405_0358229 " by evellynwalsh

"Owls ? " by sallycampbellclark

"Meet Cooper " by tanmorris

"Old truck " by alkim

"Arctic Hare family " by fredlemire

"Upside Down " by Jean-Francois

"image " by keithtrueman

"First Snowfall " by bkcrossman

"Autumn Splendour " by NoelleMirabella

"Deep blue eyes " by jollyvicky

"Seen " by NevePhotography

"The answer my friend is blowing in the wind... " by cmlppphotos

"Dusty Silhouette " by henktencate

"Blue Lake " by Boholm

"Cheetah and Cub " by lonniewehunt

"Daisy " by Pascale

"Behold " by emxsee

"Kiss " by matejpaluh

"All the crazies come out. " by bryanmaes

"Elephant in Etosha " by MarianavdW

"grunge me " by pozofolio

"Ballet Dancer 1 " by samaugerforbes

"Focused " by alanwsmith

"Brother & Sister " by elenakonstantinidou

"self III " by PaulHenryStudios

"King Of The Jungle " by circlepranch

"Shasta " by ianchen0

"Il volo " by willysanson

"LR-test-5 " by mauritzchristiaanjaneke

"Broken wings " by semy

"The Art of the Pounce - Red Fox Kits " by PNWnative

"I Nose You Haz Treatz " by DobermanDuo

"Long-eared Owl-4074G " by CreatorsHand

"PEEKABOO! " by HugoAugusto

"Franzi " by yannickdesmet

"Lesion " by jasonmatias

"dcc56877eb7f621cc260459b24e15b2b " by BrunoHeeb

"Great White Shark " by zachparkerimages

"Caterina Ballerina " by PeterCannon

"Pro boxer Dewayne Beamon throws a knockout punch " by bimmerlover

"/ I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead; I lift my eyes and all is born again. / " by christoferenarsson

"Elene - Dubai " by mcgillivraybirniephoto

"Ms Bambam wants to play! " by kathyallison

"TRAN5382-5 " by adrianmurray

"In daddys hands " by CherylFyock

"Cacimba do Padre " by Marcossccosta

"Maiden; desperation " by kitaetsuko

"Dreaming of the Desert " by eastlyn_

"Black Face Bodypaint " by RodMeier

"Nastya " by alexeykazantsev

"Head Count " by terryc

"The night rider 2 " by AlexanderArntsen

"Girl in the mirror " by Chris_Bos_Photography

"Portrait " by maryannwamboldt

"Screech Owl Calling " by mattcuda

"Hope " by juhamattivahdersalo

"Young Novice " by DrewHopper

"Aurora Borealis. " by kireevart

"Intense lightning over Beaudesert " by DanMarshall91

"Bee in flower " by nedkov

"Clarity " by NSSP