Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best photos showing any type of boat or ship in the Ships And Boats Photo Contest with chances to win a G-Technology Drive and more!

A special thanks to our friend and professional photographer Luke Jackson-Clark for his collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest. ● eat, sleep, shoot, repeat Moderator for @shotzdelight

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "EDRO III" by Megabrain

Congratulations Runner Up "Unforgettable " by Juro_Jimenez

Congratulations Runner Up "Atlantic Sailing " by Elmer-Laahne

Congratulations Amateur Winner "Llyn Nantle sunrise" by derrenjones

Congratulations People's Choice "alone through the storm" by LeviLangerakPhotography

"rotted ship" by martinbennie

"Emerald as it is" by JEKAMOBILE

"Vietnam Woman" by TrueNorthImages

"Abandoned one " by nakul

"Huon River" by AshThomson

"Boot on sunset" by vynce

"lonely boat" by Prive

"Spins" by plan_z

"Sunken" by oscarkeserci

"Iceland_Keflavik_057" by gilesrrocholl

"Lontail" by xanwhite

"EDROS II" by ElenaParaskeva

"sunset with the Sampo" by Joerg

"Maligne Ghosts" by Wayne-Stadler-Photography

"Sleeping boats" by madspeteriversen

"Three Fishermen" by zayyarlynn

"Stars shining bright above me" by cindiroddan

"Waiting for a new day" by kimschou

"Morning mist" by bminor

"Pin Mill Wrecks" by chrisdriverphoto

"Left to the elements" by CPF_Photography

"Rest in Peace" by strOOp

"On the way to Briksdalsbreen..." by kbrowko

"Shipwreck-Inverness B&W" by markcote

"Golden Sunset " by FrancescoGulli

"Old Wreck" by Holister

"Drifting in an old, crooked canoe" by Michael_Higgins

"Shipwreck Awakening" by Zeattle

"Solitdue" by jasonmatias

"Landscape with a boat" by jansieminski

"Here-Comes-The-Rain-Again" by tracymunson

"Donner Lake" by TimSmith67

"Nr.25" by rogerhampton

"Fisherman Inle lake DSC00710 zwart-wit" by toonsmits

"Last Light in Jasper" by mikefennell

"ship" by arnaslucinskas

"Gryntviken 19503view bug" by RussellD

"Sailing away" by possmak

"Boat Loads" by StephenBridger

"Traverser's Dream" by Jean-Massry

"Burnham Deepdale 05/02/2017" by mushroomgodmat

"alone in the foggy archipelago" by dieterberghmans

"Arctic Calmness" by Daniel-Photography

"Kayak in the Morning Mist" by philipdrispin

"Sunrise on Seahorse " by Bellebuoy

"_1DSC5004And8more_tonemapped" by DEGrabenstein

"Late Summer Canoe Trip" by BorisToronto

"Shipwreck" by akphotographystudio

"Warm sunrise" by alechickman

"Oeschinensee" by sklandscape

"Sternwheeler "Bahia Belle" " by tomgessner

"flusso " by Marcosannaland

"Sun-kissed wreck " by grahamvphoto

"As Time Goes By. " by Alfredo_Jose

"Port Adelaide at Sunrise " by JMBaker

"WRECKED-20160925 " by sachinus2010

"Under the boat " by carlosgrillo

"Seattle Sunset With Sailboat " by matkujak

"Pepper Boat " by bernardward

"Morning of peace " by ilyayakover


"FriendSHIP " by CmoonView

"Amazon Night " by RobSoegtrop26

"Canoe Bliss " by joebaumann

"Change of season VIII " by tadejturk

"Sennen Fishing " by jasongines

"The River of Dreams " by PolaJC

"Birthday Boat " by PaulWatsonPhotography

" " by joe_menggolo

"Slettestrand " by olesteffensen

"Come Sail Away " by pmkane

"Somewhere over the rainbow " by BiancaBechisi

"Royal-Clipper-6-_1728x1243" by robsb

"Restless soul" by stratosgazas

"Boat reflections" by Chayangel86

"BOAT SUNSET" by SnapshotzPhotography

"Fishermen of Inle Lake" by jdannay

"Wrecked boat, Donegal" by photonblender

"Yellow Sunset on Lake McDonald" by tomhausler

"_MG_8644.copia" by simonelenzi

"still life" by johnwatt

"Stormy day" by mikehoughton

"Quirino,Philippines" by tonycorado

"Stranded" by RyanWatkinsonPhotography

"Approaching the Portage_MG_3085_6_7" by ghamer

"_MG_1297-1-2" by johannbjarnieinarsson