Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best shots of concerts and music in this photo contest with chances to win a DJI Phantom 3 Standard Drone and more!

A special thanks to friend and professional photographer Nathan Anderson for his collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest: "I actually spend majority of my time creating websites at a local marketing company called Vessul Creative. Photography came to me through my grandfather and when he passed away, I started taking it more seriously. For me, photography lets you set a bunch of your own rules and create some truly unique things. Hard to get enough of that."

"Jennifer Ledger - Skillet " by MikeShotIt

"P8302271 " by fotki54

"Lachy Doley " by JRosewarne

"Midge Ure " by SixByFour

"ABI SAX " by richardcrompton

"Arch Enemy " by stefannielsen

"Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters " by edwinhoudevelt

"Rockin it " by David_Martinez

"ZZ Top " by Kmassie01

"IMG_3535_pe (2)_pe_pe " by kathymoore_7476

"Patent Pending " by ShutterSpeak

"Volume IV " by KayFreeman

"Brent Smith + Zach Myers, Shinedown " by lizzys

"Dead Horse Trauma " by kevinkillelea

"Roah Summit II " by anophotography

"Mick Jagger from the Rolling Stones " by daisywillems

"Little Jinder in concert " by ChristerW

"Busker in Bath " by quentinrobertson

"WSS " by LxxK

"Axe Attack " by keithtalbot

"Special hands " by ChrysRizzo

"Black and white 6 " by MatteoRotta

"Little Guitar Player " by saadalhamady

"Black Flag " by joebirosak

"F W T B De Nozem Fotografie Amersfoort Peter Putters " by pputters

"Keith Urban - Light the Fuse Tour " by inge_vautrin

"The guitarist " by sandrahila

"BASS " by barryhutchins

"concert " by Francescozeccaphotography

"hellacopters live 10 " by willow666

"FB_IMG_1460245556954 " by shoffman

"Buckcherry @ The Ritz (Manchester) 2013 " by RosieF

"Karoliina Kantelinen " by Rombe

"Singer black and white " by Throughmycanon

"hard Rock " by FocusM

"DSC_0114 - Copy " by tracyburroughsbrown

"Paul Weller " by flamesworddragon

"Eluveitie, 01.03.2013 r., Hala Orbita, Wroc?aw, fot. Mandi Pigulska " by mandipigulska

"The cellist on a bench " by EmC_Photography

" " by BarbaraAnn63

"Rob playing Adrian’s guitar. " by suebrooks

"Eric Church - Live " by stevehostetler

"St. Vincent (Annie Clark) " by tonyvasquez

"Wiz Khalifa, Boyz of Zummer Tour " by blankaleal

"ROCKSIN " by Andreas_Mariotti

"JC Allstars 1 " by joshuagraff

" " by elenapardini

"Black and White Guitarist " by elyprosser

"Alex " by melissapapaj

"Troubadour " by crawfras

"Dave Grohl " by stephanieswartz

"Chris Daughtry " by bimmerlover

"Bex from Over The Influence " by JasonHuckle

"Jump ! " by alexiatantardinisutterlet

"Lindsey Stirling " by cbalow

"Hard Rocker! " by RockMyImage

"Drummerman " by leacaffrey

"Thrashersaurus-7 " by thammond

"20170915-Mile-B&W-012 " by EduOak


"Rock It! " by okostecki

"Street music " by carlostojo

"IMG_6637 copy " by lindabonskowski

"PUNK FEST 2015-10 " by rachellandsborough

"Whitesnake " by garycox1

"Šank rock " by Rozman008

"Rock star portrait " by leonidsadofev

"Making Music " by VHiggins

"Perception_Life is beautiful with you " by Totoosart

"Concert in San Mauricio " by MarioFiorucci

"_WD78818 " by Wessel-Domingus

"Italy - Rome - Concert - David Gilmour - 2016 " by shaahin

"Cathy Vallières " by JoelDucharme

"Karkwa Live in Paris " by slydeshaies

"Saxo " by pmuller2010

"The Birthday Massacre " by stevek47

"ZACH ATTACK " by ButterDean

"Screaming for Silence " by Leiby_Art_World

"* " by animebox

"concerto " by squillacegb

"Cafetera Roja 2016 " by JicePIX

"Alex Fire Cordo " by pelopidas371

"DSC_0934 " by TheoShilton

"concert photos " by di4ka

"Major Lazer @ XO Live Festival " by That_Photo_Guy

"PPP " by Ceniza

"Fame " by stratocaster96

"Dance of music " by Ruedeslumiers

"that feeling of freedom " by Neringa_Olbutaite

"feel the music 3 " by George_Petrou

"Castle Party 2018 @ Bolkow (Poland) " by Marcin_Wozniak

"Good English, SXSW House Show " by easymac77

"Crowd Party On Pluto " by dustintillery_9811

"The Color Morale " by kolbyschnelli

"Ready to rock " by IrinaPopovaPhotography

"IMG_6913_BW_small " by artyman

"_DSC0109 " by BenoLeskovsek

"Rockstar " by chrisscoggins

"Cain Cressall " by paulthompson

"Trump-NO-kid " by Europephotos

"Cowboy Kyle " by HillaryNicholeSaunders

"Orchestra practice " by berniemazor

"He Is Legend " by mythosphoto

"Lead Singer of Lamb of God " by lizzieelliott

" " by PoisonCoyote

"last song " by markopaakkanen

"Playing the Blues " by (A)Roselync

"Steven Tyler " by (A)SuzieKaplan

"The drummer " by (A)zoemeadows

"Piano hands " by joshuashannon

"Seal Killer " by (A)kawaracer

"Simone Simons " by (A)slavica

"Hand of Fate " by MyGypsyCamera

""Doc" Ellis " by KappysKeepers

"Heilung " by (A)michaelbeehan

"Big guitars and music for the soul.... " by (A)lisa1769

"Impalers frontman " by (A)oleklein

"Finale " by (A)melissayuenwoolf

"Drummer en apesanteur " by (A)aldoviola

"Jackerstock 42 " by (A)thextrathird

"Annie Clark (St Vincent) " by (A)mikerjones

"Sounds of Music " by (A)topusaha

"Ozzy " by (A)cooseyeview

"L'harmonica " by (A)BrigitteDupuis

"The Voodoo Fix " by (A)davenegrelli

"Passion Taste " by designpictures