Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best photos of bears in this photo contest with chances to win a a Canon EOS Rebel T6 or a Nikon D3300 and more!

A special thanks to the photographers that helped us find the following finalists and some of the most popular photos by voting for their favorite shots. Stay tuned for the winner announcement coming soon.

"In search of dentist and tic tac " by katemontague

"Step Aside " by galsworth

"Dinner is served " by Joecf

"A Curious Black Bear Cub " by ronsantini

" Beautiful family " by Sebastian139

"Twins ! " by jozi1

"Black bears in the Smokys " by dakthi

"Lunch " by katesherry

"Hungry " by accuracyovervolume

"Play Time " by scottwickward

"Bearback " by kathyvid

"IMG_5689 " by fotki54

"Brooks Falls AK 2 " by RobWaples

"Lucky catch " by antonagarkov

"Grissly " by enriquegonzalez

"Grizzly first snow fall " by anitae403

"Jumping Polar Bear " by ericbettens

"The Eyes Tell the Story " by anitarossview

"SHRINKING ICE " by steveclevidence

"Where has the ice gone " by Kris_M

"Momma Bear " by ehunter

"Watching You " by inge_vautrin

"Just Chillin' " by kathykuhn100

"Clamming upright " by ccpence

"Brown Bears " by Selit

"Grizzly on high alert " by michelAlexander

"Mama bear with three smal cubs " by DagfinnK

"Breakfast on the Beach " by Memoriee

"Black bear approach " by AlanJ

"Grizzly mother and cub. Khutzemateen Grizzly Bear Sanctuary. BC " by huwddu

"Unwelcome Attention " by Dave410

"Traveling with Mom " by terryc

"Melissa and Cubs nuzzling " by Jdmccranie

"The Best Viewpoint " by davidgodwin

"Mamma bear " by lilykores

"Polar Bear Mum looking after her cub " by stuartjamieson

"Cuteness Overload " by pamdorner

"BEAR HUG " by Cobble-Art

"Shake it Off! " by Judy_zehentner

"Black Bear " by deannefortnam

"Lazy Day " by bmackenziephotography

"Brother Bears AD8I8917 copy Sig " by Cobypix

"Zander and the Polar Bear " by stevehikida

"finland brown bear " by Niqueki

"20150830-Finland 02-2719 " by milert

"Help me! " by agefoto

"Fierce " by HappyTree

"_DSC4610 " by outside

"Happy Cub " by njarehart

"Koala bear " by whitevintagephotography

"In the Sage brush-female grizzly at Teton National Park " by Dcrisp

"King of the Carpathians " by lszlpotozky

"bear-4 " by Edinseye

"Polar Bear Reflection " by billklipp

"Bears Fighting " by Hymakar

"Dinner fun " by Acewolf

"Dancing Bear " by CurtPeters

"slowenienbears " by Anneliese-Photography

"Dinner is ready " by VEB1970

"Mother and Cub " by FreeShooter

"3 cubs " by JulienBeyrath

"Waiting for the salmon run " by KatiMaiSeiffer

"Polar bear cub- Svalbard " by photosanity

""Too Close" " by HarryC

"Exploding bear " by DaggiM

"Smiling Bear " by DariusPeckus

"Pissmypants Brown Bear-2 " by Dan_Kinghorn

"Grizzly Bear " by trauflerphotography

"Lookj at me " by Tamani

"Yellowstone Grizzly Cub " by DavidRinker

"Resting " by davidjohnbowie

"Wild Black Bear in Whistler " by marceloklais

"“Haven't you ever thought of living unconsciously like bears, sniffing the earth, close to pears and the mossy dark, far from human voices and fire? - On ?brahim Balaban's Painting "Spring"” ? Nâz?m Hikmet Ran, Poems of Naz?m Hikmet " by LAcreativephotography

"The King " by michaeldobson

"mom and 3_DSC1198-Edit " by (A)lorilabrecque

"Hey Bear " by (A)GretchenLizG

"The climber bear " by Sergio_Saavedra

"Cutie " by (A)MCPhotos

"Play Fighting " by (A)AlaskaPinesPhotography

"Angry bears " by (A)Kutching

"Polar Bear " by (A)maaritkomulainen

"Grizz 1....Highwood Pass " by (A)albelcourt

"Grizzly " by (A)jonwestaway

"Flies Get In My Eyes " by (A)sheen33

"Now that you wake me up is better for you to run " by albertoghizzipanizza

"Polar Bear Reflection " by paaluglefisklund