ViewBug community member alessandroavenali is ranked as one of the top 100 photographers of the World by WPJA in 2013 and 2014. He is also ranked as a World's Top Wedding Photographers by JM Justmarried Magazine, World Finalist in Canon Wedding Photographers Contest in 2014, member of ISPWP and Best Of Wedding Photography, and much more. We have the privilege to share our conversation with Alessandro, enjoy and learn from one of the best.

What are you trying to capture/say with your photography?

When I'm focused on a reportagistic approach, very often the true subject of my photography is the situation. I always work in search for the perfect moment that tells a big story, made of multiple subjects, details and actions. My ideal photo tells more than one single story.

How do you know if your images are visually interesting?

Usually the majority of people likes easy readable photography. A lot of more complex shots won't be understood by the mass of your audience. So "visually interesting" could mean different things. I might find interest in something that requires a certain predisposition, while other people may find interesting something easier. It's very subjective.
On my own, I find interesting what suggests without completely reveal. I also find interesting some complex compositions in a photojournalistic approach.

Do you think about perspective when you shoot?

While it is true that I pay a lot of attention to the composition, I always keep in mind that a great photo is, anyway, made by a great subject doing something. Content is king.

Do you use tripod or flash?

No tripods, direct flash only in night party shootings. I only use natural light during daytime.

What time of the day do you prefer to shoot?

Something in the afternoon, when the light is warm but it's still not gone away.

Are you looking for a unique subject?

Definitely no. My subjects are normal people, situations, stories, and I'm happy if the subject is more than one.

How are you choosing to stay close or far from the subject?

I tend to be into the action. My favourite lens is the 28mm and I like to fill the frame, so I need to be very close to my subjects.

Do you think of of rule of thirds/how?

I find everything very natural, often discovering golden ratios, more than thirds, naturally being in my shots. It's not something I think about too much. I just like what I see in the viewfinder, instinctively.

Do you think of symmetry or reflections?

Sometimes, but it's not very typical of straight photojournalistic approach.

Do you pay attention to the subject only or also background and why?

A clean background is important to have a clean subject. In my approach, the background is only the very last plane of attention. When I try to shoot a situation that involves multiple subjects on different planes, there is always a game of "backgrounds". Farther subjects are the backgrounds of closer ones, so I always have to pay attention to what's behind the subjects I shoot.

What do you prefer; B&W vs color?

Actually a mix of the two. I believe color often gives you a better reading of the situation, while sometimes b/w helps concentrating on the shapes of your subject.

What mistake do you see photographers doing often?

Maybe the biggest mistake is to ignore the history of photography and the example of past and contemporary masters. If you have any talent, culture will boost it to a level you couldn't imagine before, so... buy photography books!

What is your most important lesson you've learned that has improved your photography?

Reading books, learn from the best, try to see the same things masters saw before you. Photographic culture will bring you to the next level.

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