Dive master and underwater photographer kondratuk knows that we are guests in the water world, and should always have the camera ready. Below are his top tips for underwater photography:

1. Techniques.

You should know your camera like the back of your hand. If you want to capture a moment, don't waste time to get the right set up with your camera, you should do it automatically. We are only guests in underwater world, and don't have enough time to discover it all. So don't stop training above the water. Try to find better settings with different ISO, F-stops and shutter speed.

2. Buoyancy.

It is rather difficult to keep still underwater. So you should work on this skill. Cause with huge underwater camera it would be more difficult. "Good buoyancy" will allow you to think about photography not about how to make right position in the water. It's like a playing hockey. You think about the game, not about how to skate.        

3. Point of view.

Try to find better composition. Point your camera to one level (or lower) with model, while capturing a small animal. If you want to show a huge object, ask your buddy to position near it. Sometimes I see the compositions in my dreams, and then try to make it real underwater.   


4. Get closer.

Visibility underwater is not the same as above the water. Use fisheye and macro lenses to get closer to subject to get better results.

5. Lighting.

Use flashes to make your underwater photos colorful. Try to find best position of strobe to avoid backscatters. Make some experiments with strobe position and power to get creative with lighting.    

6. Equipment.

Underwater equipment is very expensive, so you should look after your camera. Rinse it in fresh water after every dive. Check o-rings before use. Salt water can kill you camera very quickly. Don't leave your camera under direct sunlight.

7. Wildlife.

Be patient with it. Be interested in it. Love your "models". Learn more about underwater animals behavior, it will make your photography more interesting. I always talk to my "models" underwater. Telling them, that they have nothing to fear and asking them to stay with me for a while.... You can say that I'm crazy, but it really works....

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