Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best photos showing letters in any type of setting in the Letters And Words Photo contest with chances to win Spinlight360 Extreme and more!

A special thanks to the photographers that helped us find the following finalists and some of the most popular photos by voting for their favorite shots. Stay tuned for the winners announcement and more inspiring photo contests coming soon!

"Free Ski" by adavies

"I love this room " by Benaissa

"Tomer" by Alexander_Sviridov

"Love reading" by nikolaihessenschmidt

"My Antique Typewriter" by BeeMacDee

"Keep Off" by (A)Kirbsta

"Alona" by lucafoscili

"Reading, "The boy and the Bastard"" by JulieAnnNewell

"Stop Light" by ashleysowter

"Industrial Sunrise" by OmnableCreative

"1965 Doug Cooper Impala" by lindapersson

"Hollywood Style" by (A)Lukem-Art

"The Path" by sventaubert

"Book" by christopherbrearley

"Stop Racism!!!" by AshThomson

"Party" by timezone

"DSC00677-1" by (A)michaelmontagnon

"Mikumi Village" by EnfocarPhotography

"GSM_4858" by photoABSTRACTION

"Graffiti, Trains and Auroras" by suegraves

"Fly by. " by davidscottrobson

"Fire Helmet" by tonybendele2017

"Hammers" by (A)carolcardillo

"still life color (bronze and brass)" by (A)geomad

"Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Whiskey" by TimKou

"I&L" by stefaanachtergael

"What's new ?" by gondmagdi

"Life is Jump!" by claudiorussa

"observe..." by Bronco

"Fogotten truck b&w" by roelofvandermerwe

"Private" by Hippie22

"How About a Ride" by PhotoWorks

"US Icons" by martinrosenkranz

"Lady Time pt. III" by fabiosozza

"Ghost in the Machine " by (A)Athena_B

"GMC Truck" by (A)The_Whitography_Project

"Autumn girl" by Jordanac

"Miami, FL" by Twoyoungexplorers

"Libreria acqua alta" by Mrc_Tagliarino

"Fight night - Australian Champion Grant Sellin" by KanaPhotography

"Abandoned Soap Factory" by (A)jimmydillon

"untitled" by jasonstowe

"Prater" by zenit

"Douglas DC-3 Skytrain" by philipdrispin

"Just before dark" by HarrieMuis

"Australia" by arophoto

"towering" by pauljoinson

"PawPaw & Jet " by lisablevins

"9" by JohnFilmalter

"The Girl and Her Books" by (A)mea115546

"Jackass Junction " by DaveLoucks

"Trinity College Dublin Irland" by mafe

"Juliet's house in Verona" by livioferrari

"Abandoned " by michaelneinast

"Avalon Night " by saraascalon

" " by jacksonmann_3918

"Never give up " by ladymehanphoto

"Let it snow " by valeriasig

"Story time..... " by bazcha

"Dinara " by ilyayakover

" " by cristinacovas

"Urban girl... " by AndyD-Fotographix

"Shelley " by joemiglionico

"Valerie With Paper " by jeromebertrand

"Alta Cienega Night " by ThanePhelan

"Prada Shoes " by kelleyhurwitzahr

"Friends " by crackedegg

"gang life " by bathsalt

"Imagine..." by eduardushakov

"America/aciremA" by (A)Trina_C27

"FB_IMG_1478837150904" by (A)GingerPatz

"IMG_9137" by (A)laurie-84

"DSC_0069_edited" by (A)Vamsi_Krishna_Kusmi

"A good read" by bvphotosnap

"Farm Fresh Eggs" by rhmimages

"Poker player" by Rudaki

"Herbigs Tractor" by DwaynesWorld

"Blackout" by williamgeisler

"Hands 071-1" by jessicalowthorp

"java words" by (A)kunriyanto

"An Abandoned Typewriter" by (A)jrise

"game time" by (A)dani5

"Focus" by makenamat00

"Pages" by Kity4438

"Kat" by JackesPhotography

"a book can be a treasure " by (A)designpictures

"https://www. " by elholandaluz

"Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice! " by klapouch

"Hugging The Lens " by GigiJim08

"Hotel Nowhere " by kenmcall

"Old School Canon Selfie " by Meghanshaw

"Strong " by bradbuddphotography

"Camer Shot " by kleasown

"Hand of Fate " by (A)MyGypsyCamera

"Stage Door " by (A)janland

"The Lord is My Boyfriend " by chadmichaelward

"Pinup " by DamianPiorko

"Felix Felicis " by noukkasigne

"Lana " by Marcogressler

"2017-10-12_07-30-39 " by (A)Katieeng

"tattoo " by impmagination

"While my guitar gently weeps" by princessdi6305

"The waiting game" by SteveCrampton

"Best Seat in the House" by kapuschinsky

"Broken #02" by bendikstalheim

"believe" by jalinde

"Writing without hand" by BOULENGER


"Occhi!!!" by marcogabbuggiani

"SunHasRisen" by LelaKieler

"McCoy" by Boholm

"No God. No happiness. Know God. Know happiness." by ECBPhotog

"Sunrise on Route 66" by (A)Meg83

"DREAM" by fidfoto

"Fitzroy" by HelenRea