Thanks for helping to make ViewBug the place it is, 2015 was amazing, but let’s make 2016 even better! Let’s kick off an awesome year with what we do best: taking great photos! We’ll be focused on taking ViewBug to the next level while you focus on improving your creativity! In 2016 we'll feature new and expanded collaborations with the best brands and the most accomplished photographers; larger, better and more awesome contests and more! Stay tuned for exciting surprises!

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We’ll continue to work very hard to make your ViewBug experience the best. Stay tuned for incredible new features and surprises that will make ViewBug even more fun! As we look to 2016, we are energized by the work ahead and inspired by what more we can all do together. Have a safe, happy New Year, and thank you all for including us on your adventure—we’re glad you’ve joined us for ours.

We’ve got a few popular shots and 3 main pointers on how photo contest can help you grow as a photographer (by the one and only Skip Cohen):

1. Join more contests - Expand your creativity. 

The excitement of a good contest gives you a chance to push the edge of the envelope. You know when you look at one of your images if it’s really good or only loved by your parents! When you’re thinking about what you’re going to enter, you photograph differently than if you were just shooting to document something for yourself or even a client. You’re in it to win it and there’s no room to compromise.

2. Photo contest as a learning discipline.

It’s the thing I love about a contest. Just like working with a client in the real world, you’ve got a specific topic and a deadline. If you were ever active in sports in high school or college, then you know the value of warming up. Well, a great contest helps you warm up for the images you’re creating for the real world.

3. Get Feedback.

Whether entering in competition offers direct feedback or not, your image is going to be displayed and shared. It’s a chance for you to hear from people outside your normal network. Nothing beats a little criticism to help you fine-tune your skills.

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Happy New Year from your friends at ViewBug