2015 was yet another great and creative year. You might be surprised but B&W was one of the top categories and the majority of ViewBug members uploaded at least one B&W photo. Save your favorites into your own personal Inspiration Gallery and award the ones that you love. Enjoy some of our favorite ones!

"_MG_9700-4" by Eriks

"Lisbon, Portugal - 2015" by inge_vautrin

"That´s the point!" by JesusGiraldo

"40 foot falls boxvale" by Hamo

"Winter Shades" by ceridjones

"top of the church" by amazed

"Elegant throwback" by JDesjardins

"Bridge Over Multnomah Falls" by janrider

"The Wheel is the center of the city" by GkCM

"Diagonal living" by GkCM

"Branching Out" by TomDrysdale

 "500AM" by Lamchop

"Darkness at Skogafoss" by pulaw89

"PostOakFalls-nowatermark" by chrismartintv

"Silky Water" by MarvinEvasco17

"I'm watching you" by zenit

"Demonic" by PhotoWorks

"Chain Mail" by Spider1987

"Miroir d'Eau Pt. II - Sprint" by Vemsteroo

"Larissa" by ludobeck

"Bird study" by BoneShakerUK

"Watching sunrise" by sushmitasadhukhan

"The last train home" by aadnan

"Talk..I'm listening" by petrhingar