Thank you to all the photographers that shared their favorite night shots in this photo contest with chances to select the prize by the winners. Congratulations to the following finalists:

"Alone " by dascalitzi

"... " by vesnasvesna

"The Quinceañera " by JayDavid

"Arctic Love " by EpicByErika

"Dubai Marina Magical Night " by RustamAzmi

"Lightning - Mother Nature's Fireworks Show " by jpwaldron

"The Guardians " by PhilipEaglesfield

"Moon meets Aurora " by PedroKin

"Senja " by CarlosNunoTojo

"2018 NYE Sydney Australia " by danbest1130

"Tent above the misty valley " by MartinDolinsky

"Descending Heaven " by Nishant-101

"Milkyway Pano " by Ozscapes

"The arch on the Arch " by andreazappia

"City Lights " by markwest_7908

"Milkyway on mount ijen —free luminosity mask panel download on my website.. " by Fabio_Antenore

"Lyrid Meteor Falling (Over Joshua Tree) " by larrybeard

"The dragon thunderstorm " by george7075

"Hold On To The Night " by katyvetter

" " by suby2212

"Neowise Lupines " by johnhaymore

"| P E R S E V E R A N C E | " by one7studios

"High Tide " by HamptonPhotography

"Endless Storm " by vershinin

"Dancing in the Rain " by Georgy_Akimov

"Eiffel Tower - Fisheye ... Fishy? " by JohnHoke

"Breath Of The Gods " by AzuraPhotography

""Twilight Conversations" " by thruthatlens

" " by wiesel88

" " by wp8mxbhf5n

"Aerial shot of mormon church " by kennymaurer

"Cold starry night! " by Hudi

"52FDFD1F-1CD3-4C3E-86A5-B862C1063160 " by Noahhaynes99

"Bus Stop " by alexpreston_0466

"Natural Mystic " by VirginYllera

"Tavangumi male leopard " by mytmoss

"From Another Planet " by Dragos_Pop

"Playa de los Botes " by FranSuarez

"Abandoned barn at night " by lregoli

"Dancing with the Stars " by sawyn

" " by antonytopham

"Blue Pearl River " by davidwkwok

" " by Jeenefrank

"foggy walk " by thomas_martin

"New Tides " by KRL_Photo

" " by ScottWood9

"One World " by Mark_Yugawa_Photo

"Cafayate guardian " by gonzalosantile

"Fog City II " by Elmer-Laahne

"interstellar " by dehxy

"Skagsanden In The Moonlight " by KONCZAKO

" " by MaccaPhoto

"Italian milky way " by twieczorek

"Neon portrait " by TijanaKocic01

"_MG_4873b " by rcscharf

"Milkyway Lookout " by gunnarheilmann

"Dazzling Silk Route " by vivekjprasad

"Breakthrough Moment " by chrisantoniniphotography

"Reverence " by ASTRORDINARY

"Five Towers " by Jan_Smid_MQEP

"Warp " by AntonioBernardino

"Big Bang " by Jean-Massry

"Terminillo in the night " by Marcodabbruzzi

"Sofiy Santi durmiendo en Junin de Los Andes " by amaliazilio

"Milky Way in Desert " by Helen_Mountaniol

"Gone with the wind " by piterart

"Magic Bus " by DaveKochPhoto

"Night of Stars. " by J.Manuel

"On The Rocks " by ladyincammies

"Standing Amongst Monuments " by GabrielCarlsonCreations

"Night at the cottage " by bminor

"Pier 14 in San Francisco " by ckautzer

"Aarburg Castle " by klavsmarko

"Nightime Serenade " by redwriter

"Sea of Stars " by ShutterSpeak

" " by KonstantinSokolov

"The Milky Way " by Kenny_Enriquez

"Golden Blue hour of Singapore city " by crazyangel77

"Arina&pets " by kostareva_photo

"MagicCat " by marcelegger

"bokeh " by aleesb

"A LED " by arnaudvanmullem

"Silent Guns Rev II " by philippospattichis

"DC-3 " by Megabrain

"Bench on the beach " by slavdiamante

"Last Picture Show " by jamesnelms

"Denali Highway Camp Aurora " by jasonjhatfield

"Fog in Paris " by lugdivineborello

"In your dreams " by Gahpir

"Windmills and Milky ways " by rhmimages

"Coast Guard Light. " by DavidZulch

"Atlas IV Rocket lifts off from Cape Canaveral, FL " by jackmiller

"Mountain road Vol. 2 " by kjetilstenslandvilnes

"Midnight at Jennie Lake " by scottywarren

" " by JudyHess

"HYPNOS #1 " by mikenekim

"Bahrain's Dhow " by yaseengroup

"Nesting Tree(Pesapuu) Watchtower " by vleprutt

" " by danielmillerphotos

"Moonlit Lighthouse " by AlexaKeeleyPhotography

"Chicago Lights " by tressiedavis

"Old Maverick Road, Big Bend NPS " by scottsmallie

"Beam me up, Scotty! " by svennobels

"by Muen " by RuneHermansen

"Starry sky over the shearing shed 2 " by SHELBY23

"Sunset at Caernarfon castle " by delhunter


"Flo’s Cafe " by MilithaMadur

"Nighttime in the Cirque of Towers " by mcasella

"A Night among giants " by StuartMcMillan

"Dubai Nights " by Struttmann

"beach night sky " by ShiftingLightPhotography

"Banff at night " by CelestineAerden

"The Perseid meteor shower flies over observatory " by jiangming

"Dubai skyline - May 2019 " by mauritzchristiaanjaneke

"The Lonely Church " by GordonKoh

"Emerald Lake Lodge " by (A)seanholroyd

"Night dreams " by (A)ivailobosev

"Downtown at Night " by (A)shelleylang

"Moonlight " by (A)markchogan

"Beautiful view from on top of #hotelmecure in #Rome Italy. Love Italy! What a beautiful place, so romantic. " by (A)kjrod1

"Northern ligts " by (A)JohnPElvan

"Porto bridge " by (A)kellyfleary

"frozen lake on a cold night " by (A)Robert222

"Aurora Storm " by (A)polaris

" Tower Repairs " by peterkitanov

"Post-Rain in Downtown " by (A)jkatzphoto91

" Chapel Of Memories " by (A)Raejen

"Northern lights " by (A)toivido

"D a n c e r " by (A)Luisparalta_Photografy

"Stargazer " by MatthewKeeley

"Atlanta " by (A)ks_pics

"Venice " by (A)Uni_so

"Berchem " by (A)AdCarreira

"WRECKED-20160925 " by (A)sachinus2010

"Steel City " by ventenni

"Simona " by (A)kejty

"! " by (A)Duskban

"Summernight dreams " by (A)grigoriskoulouriotis

"Fall Break Got Me Going like... " by mea115546

"Lighthouse in the dark sky rising bad weather " by (A)Bij_Esther

"DSC_0272 " by (A)kevinzimmerman

"Moonlight over Mt. Goode " by (A)Cairnphoto