Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best photos showing dry fields in this photo contest made possible by our friends at IMPRESSED: Where you can order art-quality photo prints, books and wall decals right from your iPhone or iPad.

A special thanks to Casey McCallister for his collaboration as a guest judge. Casey McCallister is a self-taught outdoor lifestyle photographer and adventurer based in Northern California. His photography is both documentary and artistic. He captures adventures as they happen, the stages on which them play out and the moments in between.

"DSC_8983-HDR" by simalg05

"Straw Sunset " by myleslambert

"The harvest" by Dickiebird

"Caution: Deere Crossing!" by jeffzenner

"Rolling fog sunrise" by bminor

"After the Harvest" by TwoCatsPhotography

"Working Hard" by JodiPflepsen

"Grey Cabin And Blue Skys" by jimmoon_8772


"Circled up" by rbhalla

"Bales of Hay" by kimschou

"Freshly Mowed" by rhmimages

"Tygh Ridge Barn at Sunset 2 " by Boldstep

"Palouse WA 4810" by heatherwoodfarm

"Golden Fields of Cawthorne" by robcarter

"Fields of Gold" by RAPJones

"Desert Sunburst" by Sierralara

"Dried up" by wwphoto74

"CrazyMtn03" by cody_1980

"The Worth of Gold" by Waynerd

"September Cloud" by Craigwww

"Palouse Prairie Plowing" by GeoffColeImages

"Sun set fields" by (A)Wendy-May

"image" by ashlymchatton

"A Little Privacy" by ClaudiaKuhn

"Farmland Morning" by (A)teewhyell

"Fields of Gold" by wendyclee

"SteptoeWindmills3" by harveyjewett

"Great Clouds in Stenigot Field taken by Bob Riach" by Bob-Riach

"Cessford Castle" by fordrenton

"The Chase" by warrenstowell

"A Day's End" by janrider

"last light on the harvest" by pauljoinson

"Harvest Sunset" by ChrisCraigPhotography

"IMG_6512" by Blue-Maddness

"IMGP8909" by (A)nsmith47

"San Jacinto" by mojito

"Montana Bison Range" by barbarabrock

"IMG_72151" by EngageUnity

"I Wanted Stars" by davidrelph

"Autumn colors" by marekbiegalski

"Deserts Begining" by 14renren

"the final mile" by (A)Margi

"Tree Island" by davidmould

"A Glimpse of Luck" by ChasingMemories

"Summer glow" by philbailey

"A little dance of happiness" by ElenaParaskeva

"Foggy Morning" by AaronShaver

"IMG_1808-Edit-6" by arlomarkantonatos

"HDP_7785" by HDigitalPics

"Life or Death" by RiccardoMantero

"Harvest" by lanatolle

"Big Michigan Grasses" by Dfreid

"No Future" by oZimages

"Last Morning" by michaelanglin

"dreaming" by imagesbystephendavis

"Sand" by stephaniecomeau

"oxygen" by (A)willemodendaal