Thank you to all the photographers that shared their photos showing streets and architecture in this photo contest in collaboration with our friends at Rocky Nook. Rocky Nook is a leading publisher of books by photographers for photographers. Rocky Nook boasts over 130 titles by renowned authors throughout the world on a variety of photography topics, including composition, fine art, cutting-edge technology, and instruction manuals. Rocky Nook titles deliver premiere content that helps the professional and amateur photographers capture and create their very best images.

A special thanks to friend and professional photographer Gordon Lewis for his collaboration as a guest judge. Gordon Lewis is a dedicated street photographer with over 40 years of experience. He began his writing career answering letters from owners of Olympus cameras, Vivitar flash units, and Kiron lenses. From there he graduated to being a contributing editor to magazines such as Camera 35, Petersen’s Photographic, and Camera & Darkroom.

"Straight Forward" by sofwanredzuan

"Samuel Beckett Bridge" by LG_Photography

"Big Ben" by FerArceAmare

"A Foggy Morning begins.." by marrieladurandegui

"Vathorst Houses" by albertdros

"chicago reflection" by skeem125

"Melbourne's City Streets" by npenhall

"City of Big Shoulders" by critter

"IMG_0062 B&W" by stephanieveronique

"cobbled street" by (A)mrspaulding

"The great dubai" by (A)keowweeloong

"Walking among Budapest castles" by BlackSnake

"Old House" by mikkopaartola

"{Clyde Auditorium} Glasgow, Scotland" by jenniferallan

"Times Gone By" by jimmoon_8772

"Verona alley" by Mihael_Draksic

"Contrast" by antoniozarli

"Thames" by Jellyfire

"Architecture of Taunton" by artursomerset

"Count of San Gimignano" by Steve-Pond

"Foggy in the Bay" by jaredweaver

"City Lights" by corymarshall

"Clamorgan's Alley" by (A)jsheldon12000

"Interstate 110-LA" by vcampi

"On the spot" by (A)eperjes

"Tokyo. Tradition amidst ultra-modernity." by TrashTheLens

"Granville B&W" by (A)Nlucier

"Tower Bridge" by chris_smith

"The University Of Glasgow from Above" by rossglasgow

"tokyo 1" by MichelJodoin

"EYE-SPY!" by calmas5

"A Night At the Vatican" by LisaShalom

"Golden Trade" by cjschmit

"Looking Down" by reburndesign

"Tyne Bridge light trails." by (A)shanzhi

"City in Lights" by richardvandewalle

"AS2_7945-B&W" by Albert-Serra-Photography

"Amsterdam canal" by DennisartPhotography

"Vital connection" by menx

"little bitty" by jesreyes

"Bustle" by Vemsteroo

"Walking Along" by RStoddard11

"Planet Miami" by boberic

"Urban Madness" by NiCoBoCo

"Skyline Under: After Dark" by MikeCeglady

"Pier View B&W" by markcote

"Munich Street" by nicken

"observe..." by Bronco

"Sofia 2015" by peterkitanov