Thank you to all the photographers that shared their favorite photos taken with drones in this photo contest with chances to win a Lensbaby Composer Pro II and more!

A special thanks to friend and professional photographer Tatsiana Tsyhanova for her collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest. The famous Belarusian photographer, who has earned a lot of worldwide awards in fine-art photography. Her photos take part in exhibitions in United Kingdom, France, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Belarus, Turkey etc. The heroes of Tatsiana's photos are people, who show their honesty emotions, their mood and human beauty. Tatsiana's photo portraits have the features of pictorial art because of their bright expressiveness and artistry.

"Sleeping Beauty " by magorzatakuriata

"Sinusoïdale schwarzwaldienne " by matayosoixantequatorze

"Forest " by rumenzografov

"Roadtrip, anyone? " by linakayser

"High Tide " by josephnancephoto

"To the top " by iiqpo

"Lines " by JCSimoes

"Above the fog " by saintek

"First flight with my GoPro Karma. Photo taken at Vance Creek Bridge " by jhchavez

"Abandoned but never alone ... " by Joezas

"Aerial view of Palagnedra " by Biolzid

"drone 2 " by edvinnyitrai

"Mountain road " by alexandrvlassyuk

"Slovenia " by DanielKordan

"My heart " by hannescmarits

"Last light " by mesadude

"R?a hoa Súng " by tunnguyn

"At the beach " by gOANgA

"Petals in the Wind " by vikasdatta

"aerial view of the lofoten " by franckreporter

"Bled " by lszlpolgr

"River Crossing Thailand - Bridge - Aerial " by tominspires

"Lake Zurich - Switzerland - DJI_0186-Pano-2 " by rolandomunari

"Good Luck " by ecmguy

"Fall Down " by alexanderhill

"The Heart of Ice " by lukasjonaitis

"1030 " by johnhoward

"When all hell breaks loose around you, chill... " by ConnorReddy

"Heart beat road " by chris-herzog

"Soccer time! " by paaluglefisklund

" " by kaseyschmitt

"The Rocks " by martinholdenimages

"Serpentine column " by matejkovac

" " by lukejardine

"Picture of someone crossing a viaferada in Telluride, Colorado. " by Jesse81301

"From Above " by douglaspratt

"House in the Woods " by Kevin_Li

"Skogafoss " by Logrenraw

"Tindhólmur in the sunset " by kenopictures

"Snowy fir trees " by jfraser5

"Laggan Dam " by mikeygroves

"Wrecked " by matthewhladek

"Cargo " by Lopez980

"DJI_0004d22.00_06_19_27 " by andrmiranda

"carnival " by CaliKnows

" " by joebaumann

"Feels like Christmas " by CelestineAerden

" " by Poratpics

"Mountain Wave " by robinquarrelle

"???? ??????? ??? ?????????? ????? ?????... when pilot and photographer are in a good mood " by Nikiforos

"harvest " by wojtektomekszperlik

"ManMadeEnvironment " by rogerhampton

"The Ghost of the Dead Sea " by alextaubin

"school excursion " by maperick

"?yclist " by oktraa

"Montbel " by EmmanuelVerzura

"Island Of Vitality " by srdjanvujmilovic

"A Dusting In Oregon " by mattvidal

"heading into the mountains " by simonmigaj

"Skaftafell Glacier, Iceland. Part of my 'From Above' collection. " by RichardShore

"Road from above " by angad13

"Dead Tree " by TomerE

"Navagio Beach " by marcotelesca

"Shadows in the Surf. " by Bruizaphoto

"DJI_0011-2 " by robcarter

"Lines " by daniturphoto

"Mettams Pool " by hayleybeavon

"Twin Sisters " by PhotoMark

"North Fork " by ckaiser

"Physic Gardens " by leeslocombe

"Surrounded " by Mars_Infinite_Light

"playground " by impmagination

"Kalsoy " by madspeteriversen

"Street " by LS_PIX

"Different point of view " by michaelstabentheiner

"A star in the woods " by SarahBeer

"Iceland - aerial " by nikolaialexiev

"Boatsheds " by Zaeed

"Stagecoach from above.... " by sethburkett

"Endless blue " by dimitrissofoulis

"Birkers road " by petersvoboda

"Dirty Water " by calebdaniel

"Fairy trees " by maximletovaltsev

" " by seanorphoto

"The Eye " by Hedde

"Beautiful churches " by DavidPriymak

"The pink sand and the pink Lady " by marcwildpassion

"Diagonal " by Marhcuz

"Turbulence " by JackNoelDavis

"Dead or Alive " by ovidpop

"Snow World " by vincentfennis

"Seattle Skyscrapers at Sunset " by KEnagonio

"DJI_0447 " by stephenleonardi

"lonely boat " by 2fly2sky

"Long exposure drone shot of the LunaPark in Manoel Island, Malta " by justinciappara

"Green Roads " by jasonwilde

"The Blue Serpent " by atanubandyopadhyay

"Beach above " by JonByronV

"beach " by dimsfa

"Over the Beach " by jasonteale

"Saint Michael Chapel, Lac de Serre Poncon " by lennartkoopsen

"It's a long exposure drone shot ??????????? " by Plpictures

"Football heaven. " by canipel

" " by ballpointpenh

"Rhododendron " by Vemsteroo

"Forest road " by evgenyvasenev

"Football (soccer) field on the island " by xanwhite

"Ship Parking " by guykrier

"Passing Through " by bradboothphotography

"The Way of the Bush " by Selit

"Happiness " by sanyasadovnykova

"Magical Bridge " by jmarken

"Trifecta Aerial Pool Girls " by PhotoLogic-SightFlight

"Macadamias- Northern NSW- Australia 0027 " by dallasnock_photography

"Inanna II " by andersnielsen

"Alone " by Petru

" " by garethdjones

"99 corners in China " by msredrum

"road " by shanoo

"Lofoten Truth or Dare " by NatashaHaggard

"GOPR0049-Edit " by jimrichey

"Blue workers " by aliasadi109

"Reciprocal Remote Admiration " by Jerry74

"Beauty from above " by georgepapapostolou

"Bush Highway AZ " by

"Falls Fall " by AndreLJBrandt

"Land Veins " by JohnHPhotography

"topdowncuriosity " by mattdewaard

"Game of drones " by stefanoborghi

"Love is in the air! " by JulioPC

"The Black Road " by Papartis

"The Henningsvaer Sunrise " by RustamAzmi

"dam and bridge " by jeremiah_martin_621

"Last Light of 2017 " by janstria

"DJI_0026 " by Johnnyboy

"Alpine Road " by GergoK

"street photo " by hebamotefy

"Nature's curve " by Devz4u

"Ullajohka " by timoksanen

"untitled-558 " by Gadget699

"Winter Wonderland " by UKHKPhotography

"Virginia Beach " by marwynn882

"Watery Ramp " by joelbrown

"P0810082 " by aldisabolins

"Inlet lunch " by grahamvphoto

"Open Courts " by ewbarnes

"20171218_154001 " by (A)HonzaRipa

" " by (A)johnfrostbiteslettjord

"Coral Or Trees " by (A)NicholasEJones

"River and forest " by joostlagerweij

"combine-0074 " by (A)PaulLavoieImages

"Estuary Small Port " by akbarpramudita

"jatiluwih " by (A)mikaelcarrire

"RIver smile to winter " by samymoon

"Bird's eye view " by zlimmen

"Sowing " by (A)JackieT

"Curves and bends " by (A)Mattofstie

"Surfs Up " by (A)Sethvdl

"AUTUMN VINES " by (A)racheldulson

"Transfagarasan (Romania - Europe) " by (A)tymo49

"Drone of the Home " by (A)zachschwandt

" " by (A)nataliadanielabarbosa

"watermarked-Hermosa120m(DR) " by (A)leeharvey_7946

"Surfing in USA " by (A)Lorenzoragazzi

"Arugambay, Sri Lanka " by jayaruwan

"Owl Creek Pass Fall Freeze " by jasonjhatfield

"Church at the Crossroad " by dyanpratt

"Fully Booked " by GaryCummins

"Circles within circles " by (A)mattbenham

"Haderburg im Nebel " by spidi1981

"Canoe " by 3to2

"Tree Tops " by HaydnDarePhotography

"The watering hole " by mbernholdt

"Heart Lake " by ManishMamtani

"Kyla Roof Top " by warrenstowell

"Aerial view of Vrsic mountain pass " by alekrivec

"Whales " by mcrgwd

"Dear Peyto " by AntonioMarchetti

"Drone Shot of Beach " by bryanwinterphotography

"WASHED UP " by CreationScape

"Karwendel VI: Above the boats " by martinrosenkranz

"Canada, nova scotia, " by Dantes_View

"The Last Homely House. " by Richard-Beresford-Harris

"Los Rapidos " by JennaVee

"Last of the Ice " by JustinRussoPhotography

"lenslifephoto-surferoverhead " by lucasbarbieri

"Down " by klepikovadaria

"A Remote Jewel Of The Earth " by kutsey

"View from above " by ClearBluePhoto

"Longreef Waves " by chriscousins

"Car Park " by johnkimwell

"Coastal Layers " by DrewHopper

"HMVS Cerberus " by philtaylor_5129

"birds eye " by jmphotography2323