Thank you to all the photographers that shared their favorite Halloween photos in this photo contest with chances to win a Sigma 70-300mm f/4-5.6 macro lens and more.

Congratulations People's Choice "nicole8 " by ajcophotography

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "Teddy " by LiliNis

Congratulations Runner Up "BD300EAF-3EAA-45FA-B1A0-76B73F6F51F5 " by Andreamartinphoto

Congratulations Runner Up "RMH 2016 - Horror Set 1/3 " by PhotoJunkiesAB

Congratulations Runner Up "part 1 " by rebeccaburgdorf

Congratulations Amateur Winner "untitled-258 " by Trahan

"“I got a rock” " by courtneytaylorbowles

"chikane " by BerezinY

"Alone With the Crows " by Arastan

"tomrus " by AntonSquare

"****** " by janeklass

"Happy Halloween! " by hadissima

"C77A6616 " by sovoque

"Getting Ready " by Alexander_Sviridov

"Lilith " by sonandreas

"Réquiem pour un meurtre " by herionjeanclaude

"Tea Time " by Enriqueta

"Scare Crow " by neilkanhai

"Daddy?... I don't feel so good. " by DougStringhamPhoto

"Me " by TheodoreH

"- " by fightthelight

"Butch " by erikquimby

"Halloween 2015 I " by gabrielastiep

"Blood Candy " by LisaSweet

"Super Girl and Wonderwoman " by dellaina

"venice mask festival " by luisasalomon

"Let the Devil In " by chadmichaelward

"prince of darkness " by MichaelSchnabl

"A shot of rum anyone ? " by etrdryzt

"It " by Denis09

"Zombie Feast " by kippearsphotography

"Abandoned Library" by jesseverner

"Naked Lunch" by MattPointZero

"I'm fine " by Ashitaro

"A6128F31-D17B-462B-B796-46E3D367AF69 " by Jackiejane

"Halloween clown " by ScheiMedia

"In the darkness with you " by Makelau

"Harley look " by RadovanBartekPhotographer

"Zombie 1 " by stephendrew

"Pumpkin Queen " by SeoirseBrennan

"Dave. " by antonybarbour

"Ritual Monks. " by BMac001

"The Bite of the Vampire " by idlehands

"*** " by annakazakova

"Ghosting " by PheraFoto

"Haunted " by debnieuwerth

"Halloween Andreea " by Marian_Uram

" " by Gondyc

"Fireee " by ales_neumeister

"Welcome to Winter " by ntgreen

"2011 fairy " by jennifersmith_5540

"La Calavera Catrina " by Dragos_Pop

"Dark princess " by siegart

"JOE_3595asdsmall " by joeehlen

"hot-seance " by matthewburlile

"Untitled " by Msant004

"Dias de los Muertes " by iwangroot

"Mad Hatter " by GeorgeSnow

"with these hands " by jmphotography2323

"Hello Halloween " by GigiJim08

"black whitch flying with the race rake.... " by claudiawebergebert

" " by tomtyson

"AND THE UNICORN DANCED " by henridroski

"Eternity " by VinceVphotography

"Wraith " by Kenji

"Iron Man " by rturnbow

"halloween make up sugar skull " by olenazaskochenko

"Questionable Evolution II " by randybenzie

"Welcome to my World " by ManuKeggenhoff

"Jugando a las munecas y al fotografo... " by eugeniosiliceo

"cat-spider " by french1944

"Removing the burden " by Snowgrimm

"Skeleton of Prague " by chriswhittier

"Chica Muerta " by johnkimwell

"wicked witch 1 " by Adriano73

"Dolly " by ChrystalOlivero

"Caged Bird " by HouavangPhotography

"Voodoo Witch " by UrbanShutter

"Demons dreaming " by Annelisenicolephotography

"Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) " by ghphotouk

""Hallowen" " by marcogabbuggiani

"Blackbird " by tonyawilhelm

"Splash-o-lanterns " by RobStidham

"copper dawn " by rwardshipman

"It stalks " by joshedstedt

"Sad Skull Girl " by patrickvaughn_7577

"Pumpkin Glitter " by ellekoller

"Black Widow in Training " by watershedphoto

" " by ladymehanphoto

"Spooky " by ykd

"Pinned " by cathos1244

"Happy Halloween " by Anneliese-Photography

"2017_07_15-05_04_49-DXO " by Joseph-Balson

"Halloween is a nightmare " by roylemme

"ANCHORS AWEIGH! " by DobermanDuo

"Happy Halloween " by JenLioness

"Damaged " by Rodrigo_Ferreyra

"Be Mine III " by KayleighKay

"Nelly " by maximbolchugov

"come as you are " by Tom_Floor

"Samuel skull new edit " by Jenn-WildChild-Wagner